Sadak 2 Review: Sanjay Dutt And The Music Uplift This Flimsy And Outlandish Film

    Sadak 2 Review: Sanjay Dutt And The Music Uplift This Flimsy And Outlandish Film

    Sadak 2 Movie Review

    Sadak 2 Review: Sanjay Dutt And The Music Uplift This Flimsy And Outlandish Film

    Film: Sadak 2

    Actors: Sanjay Dutt , Gulshan Grover , Alia Bhatt , Aditya Roy Kapur , Jisshu Sengupta, Makrand Deshpande

    Director : Mahesh Bhatt

    Rated: 1 out of 5 Stars

    Religion is business and a darn good one! This is the premise of the Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur starrer.  

    The film is set in a bizarre world that inhabits people who are besotted [in a devoted way] with fake god men, there is just one girl Aarya [Alia Bhatt] who knows the sham and goes all out to be fight them all alone. She belongs to a very well-to-do family but is at loggerheads with her step mother [Priyanka Bose] who she is sure has killed her biological mother in order to usurp her property. All of this was possible because of a fake Babaji [Makrand Deshpande]. Aarya trusts and loves only her father [Jisshu Sengupta] who she thinks the world of.  

    The story is about whether she really knows the people in her life and it is also about whether or not she will be able to abrogate all of them to claim her property when she turns 21! 

    Aditya Roy Kapur plays Vishal who from the exterior tries to help Aarya to getting rid of the Babaji but turns out he is a firm believer [in him] as well. The only saving grace for Aarya is Ravi Varma [Sanjay Dutt], a man in his sixties who wants to kill himself to do away with the pangs of separation from his dead wife Pooja.  

    Sanjay’s character is a reprise from the first installment of Sadak. Will Aarya be successful in her endeavour? Will Ravi [who has now found a new reason to live] be able to extricate Arya from the sticky situation? The film is an answer to these questions, rather shoddy ones.

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    Sanjay Dutt’s presence literally salvages the film. Every frame in which he is present just imparts an extra weight to it. His pain is palpable, his tears look real and every word he says, everything he does makes the film a little plausible and watch-worthy! 

    Alia Bhatt’s Aarya is an okay job done, not that there was a lot to do in terms of acting in the film. Aditya Roy Kapur looked almost like a sidekick in the narrative [which has many of them though] who didn’t know what he had to do in it. Come to think of it, the script, the loose writing and the very thought process behind the film was flimsy and flawy. So much so that it seemed outlandish to me. The direction by Mahesh Bhatt [If there was any direction of course] was lacklustre which also didn’t do much to make the film any gripping. 

    And that, for a person who had a pretty decent expectation from the film is point-blank pathetic. Especially, when you have seen the first installment and it had appealed to you. There is no explanation for this. I know times change, stories change, settings change, mindsets change but to see these changes come up on screen the way they did with this film is plain atrocious!  

    So many stellar performers in the film have been just wasted, I wonder why were they cast in the first place. Gulshan Grover who I thought would bring in the much-needed zing in the film has nothing substantial to do. Jisshu Sengupta just overdoes it at times and the sudden change of heart in Priyanka Bose’s character is questionable! Makrand Deshpande’s Babaji is deranged and absurd and made me doubt my sanity too for sitting through the film.

    It felt as though a lot was crammed forcibly into the one and the half hour motion picture which is why things, circumstances, could not be well-rounded and hence the wobbly film.  

    The music was wonderful. Like in all other films directed by the Bhatts, this too has some heart-wrenching music with some soul-stirring lyrics. Bringing back KK to croon the songs was a great decision, listening to his voice after all these years of Arijit Singh was a welcome change! The songs in the film really touches a raw-nerve somewhere deep down and they stay with you long after the end-credits of the film roll. However, music is just another component of a Hindi film, it doesn’t do much to uplift the decrepit narrative of this one. There is not much to do in the cinematography department as well besides the usual. 

    To cut the long story short, it is good that the film didn’t release in theatres, which empowered the viewers to watch it whenever they have nothing better to do. It surely benefitted the makers of the film as well who were handsomely paid by the OTT, salvaging them from what could have been a mega-disaster at the box office.