‘Aur kitne habibi chaiye’: Rakhi Sawant finds a shehzada in Dubai; netizens react to her new love story

    After splitting from Adil Khan Durrani, actress Rakhi Sawant introduces the world to her new ‘habibi’ in a viral video from Dubai

    ‘Aur kitne habibi chaiye’: Rakhi Sawant finds a shehzada in Dubai; netizens react to her new love story

    The very talented Rakhi Sawant is well known for her ability to entertain. Plus she’s a good actor and a gifted dancer. Even though she faced hurdles along the way, today she has made a name for herself in the industry. But sadly controversy’s favourite child has not been that lucky in her love life. For two long years no one believed Rakhi when she said she was married-- until she finally introduced the world to her husband Ritesh in Bigg Boss 15. Post the reality show they parted ways and Rakhi later found love in businessman Adil Khan Durrani. As we all know, the two have filed for divorce after a nasty split.

    Rakhi was heartbroken when she filed a case against Adil for infidelity, domestic violence and mishandling her finances. But the actress soon returned to work. Well, currently she is in Dubai and has apparently found a new ‘shehzada’. That’s right! In her latest interaction with the paparazzi, Rakhi introduced her shutterbug friends to an Arab man as her ‘habibi’. She asked him to shower her with compliments before holding his hand and taking a turn for the cameras. Rakhi shared, “Jaise hi main Dubai mein aayi, mujhe mera shehzada mil gaya. Okay? Let's go baby, let's go.” She then walked off with her new friend.

    In the comment section below, many trolls have now reacted to Rakhi’s blossoming new love story. One social media user shared, “Aur kitne habibi chaiye aapko Aunty ji😂”, whereas another netizen wrote: “Naya Bakra khud chal kr aaya h halalllll hone🔥😂🥲🤡.” A nasty comment read: “Isne sub type k husband try karna h mota patla lumba chota sub😂😂😂😂”, while another troll shared, “Abhi iski bari viral hoke jail jaane ki😂😂😂😂😂bas Dubai k habibi lati hai aur jail me dalti hai.” There were also some fans who gushed over Rakhi’s fun vibe and suggested that she start her own show like The Kardashians.

    What are your thoughts on Rakhi’s new habibi?