Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Ram sends Priya a heart emoji; netizens gush over their quarantine romance


    Coronavirus has stuck once again and there has been a sudden hike in the number of cases in the last few weeks. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 actor Nakuul Mehta , who portrays the role of Ram Kapoor, contracted the virus last month and has been in quarantine ever since. But the show must go on, which is why the makers incorporated his real life isolation into the reel story-line. In the last couple of episodes we saw how Ram was exposed to a virus and has been quarantined in a hotel. He and his wife Priya, played by Disha Parmar , can now contact each other only through video calls.

    Ram and Priya are getting closer as each day passes and have started genuinely caring about one another. According to the latest promo that was shared by the makers on social media, Ram will send a heart emoji to Priya on text. She will be shocked to see it but will also get upset when he suddenly deletes the message from his end. Later on video call the two will talk about how Ram called Priya scary in front of his friends. When Priya will call him out for the same, Ram will hilariously reply that the way she is glaring at him is actually with concern, and is not scary at all. The two will further indulge in a cute banter.

    Priya will also tell Ram that if she wants to go and meet him, she will tear down any wall that comes between them. Well, netizens are truly enjoying their quarantine romance over video call and have expressed their happiness in the comment section. While one fan wrote: “Aww Our Priya is offended ki Ram ne heart emoji delete kyu kia”, another commented: “Awww... why are they soo cutee! even if NM is not present, they're managing the scenes really well.. especially those cute video calls!”

    We wish Nakuul and his family a speedy recovery. Kudos to him for working hard even in this condition, to entertain his fans!