Bigg Boss 15: Shehnaaz Gill represents Siddharth Shukla in grand finale, makes an entry to 'Tera Baap Aaya'

    Shehnaaz Gill tried to make up for Siddharth Shukla's absence and paid a bittwesweet tribute to the late actor, who was also her BFF. She rekindled his memories by making an entry to 'Tera Baap Aaya'

    Bigg Boss 15: Shehnaaz Gill represents Siddharth Shukla in grand finale, makes an entry to 'Tera Baap Aaya'

    The finale night of Bigg Boss 15 has begun. This is the stage where all the previous winners would also come together and watch a new member being crowned as the winner of the 15th season and join the hall of fame. However, one of the most loved contestants of all time, Siddharth Shukla would not be in the same stage, and this is heartbreaking, to say the least. However, the 'King' as many call him would not go unrepresented! It is his BFF Shehnaaz Gill who would join in his place.

    In fact, to make up for his absence from the stage, Shehnaaz chose the same song that he made so popular- 'tera baap aaya'. She also dresses like him, and his memorable lines play in the background. Sharing this entry sequence, Shehnaaz wrote on her social media, Once a King, always a King 👑 BB G.O.A.T Sidharth Shukla ….samajh mein aaya na? #SidharthShukla" See the promo here:

    This is enough to make any fan super emotional, but everyone is lauding Shehnaaz who showed the immense strength to do this. They also called her the queen, and many were just very happy to see her on the stage representing Siddharth. She also relived her moments with Siddharth inside the house, and it was so overwhelming that even the strongest of hearts would move. She also played clips from their stay and it felt like Sidharth was actually there, on the stage, with everyone else. In fact, Salman Khan himself got emotional and teared up a little.

    Siddharth Shukla passed away last year on the 2nd of September, leaving everyone shocked and heartbroken. He was just 40 years old, and is said to have suffered a massive heart attack. He was at the pinnacle of his career. Shehnaaz Gill and Salman Khan would also be seen sharing a bittersweet moment in the memory of the late actor and shedding tears. This is indeed emotional, isn't it?