Bigg Boss 16: Aamir Ali enjoys watching Sajid Khan with Abdu Rozik; says ‘I may get trolled but..’

    Bigg Boss 16: Aamir Ali enjoys watching Sajid Khan with Abdu Rozik; says ‘I may get trolled but..’

    There are many who are against Sajid Khan’s participation in Bigg Boss 16 because he was accused in Me Too. But here’s why Aamir Ali is liking the filmmaker.


    In the last few weeks of Bigg Boss 16 , many bonds have been made and broken inside the reality show. But one friendship which has stayed constant throughout and has won several hearts is the one between filmmaker Sajid Khan and social media sensation Abdu Rozik . On the first day itself, Bigg Boss had given Sajid the job of being the young singer’s translator, as he doesn’t speak Hindi. While Sajid fulfills his duty most of the time, there are some days when he teases Abdu with his funny translations.

    Well, there are many out there who are unhappy about Sajid’s participation on Salman Khan’s reality show. But Aamir Ali finds the filmmaker genuine and enjoys watching him with Abdu. The actor took to his official social media handle last night to share, “I may get trolled for dis but I saw last nites epi n I found #SajidKhan very genuine,sweet n funny.. de way he’s trying to take care of my fav #AbduRozik n explain him is really sweet.. both shud stay butterfly n not b a crow, if u understood Wat I’m saying.. #biggboss @ColorsTV.”

    Not just Aamir but a few other members of the audience also find Sajid funny. He is entertaining for sure. But the reason why so many people including Urfi Javed and Ali Fazal are against his participation on Bigg Boss is the fact that he was accused of sexual harassment by 9 women during the Me Too movement. Netizens are not happy that despite what he was accused of, he has got the chance to be on such a big platform. Mandana Karimi, who is an ex contestant and also an alleged victim, was so disappointed on seeing Sajid in the BB house that she quit Bollywood.

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