Bigg Boss 16: After Sumbul’s father, friends and family of THESE contestants to join Salman Khan this weekend

    Bigg Boss 16: After Sumbul’s father, friends and family of THESE contestants to join Salman Khan this weekend

    Many have slammed Bigg Boss of giving Sumbul Touqeer Khan special treatment, as she is the only celeb who got to speak to her father twice. Well, two more contestants will get to meet their loved ones this weekend.


    In the second week of Bigg Boss 16 , audiences were surprised when Sumbul Touqeer Khan ’s father arrived on the stage of the reality show to give his daughter a piece of his mind. He went on to slam Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta for misguiding Sumbul. This weekend he became a part of the show again, this time via a phone call. BB called Sumbul to the confession room and told her that her father is unwell. They got some time to talk, but instead of discussing his health their conversation was focused only on the game, Shalin and Tina.

    Bigg Boss called it inappropriate and warned Sumbul, while many netizens as well as ex contestants slammed her father for using nasty words for Tina and Shalin. Many even wondered why Sumbul is getting special treatment when the show is about celebs cutting off from their family, friends and the real world during their time in the BB house. Well, social media buzz now suggests that Shalin-Tina’s friends and family members will join host Salman Khan on stage this weekend.

    A post shared by Mr Khabri reveals that Sumbul, Shalin and Tina's loved ones will grace the stage on Weekend Ka Vaar to discuss whatever is happening between the trio since the last few weeks. For the uninitiated, while Shalin and Tina like each other, Salman and the latter accused Sumbul of being ‘obsessed’ with Shalin in last weekend’s explosive episode. Soon after, Shalin asked the Imlie star to maintain distance while the latter reassured him that she does not have a teenage crush on him.

    As Sumbul’s father is not well at the moment, which was revealed by Bigg Boss before his phone call, we can’t help but wonder who will join Salman on stage to support the young actress. One prospective candidate for this job is Sumbul’s Imlie co-star Fahmaan Khan , whose name was mentioned by her father during their chat. Let’s wait and watch what happens!