Bigg Boss 16: Netizens are disappointed with Salman Khan for not bashing ‘damaad’ Sajid like they expected

    Bigg Boss 16: Netizens are disappointed with Salman Khan for not bashing ‘damaad’ Sajid like they expected

    Salman Khan slammed Sajid Khan for his nasty fight with Archana Gautam in last night’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode. But netizens don’t feel it was enough.


    Audiences expected this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode to be explosive because of all the fighting that took place inside the Bigg Boss 16 house. Filmmaker and contestant Sajid Khan got nasty with Archana Gautam during their war of words and hurled abuses at her. He also charged at her with rage and kicked a stool which hurt her leg. Host Salman Khan did point out that Sajid was the one who spoke about Archana’s father first. However, netizens feel the superstar did not bash Sajid as much as he deserved.

    Social media users are especially unhappy with Salman telling Archana that Sajid is a ‘good director’. Well, we have seen Salman setting contestants straight in the last many years. But his chat with Sajid is being considered a ‘mellow’ one in comparison. For instance, one angry netizen tweeted: “I hate that #SalmanKhan addressed #SajidKhan so softly. This small man needs to go out. We don't wanna see such creepy mind in the house. #ArchanaGautamm was fearless. #BB16 #BigBoss16 EVICT SAJID KHAN.”

    Many social media users also showered hate in the comment section of Mr Khabri’s post, which pointed out the things Salman spoke about instead of schooling Sajid. One netizen shared, “Damaad hai kyu bolega salman, ulta khubi gina diya, damaad ji ko tod fod galiyaan dene ha haq hai”, whereas another comment read: “Jo usne archana ko gaali di uska b nai bola.. na hi clearly bola k sajid nay archana ko baap ka pehle bola, bs dhakkay chuppay lafzo mein bola k asal line kya boli is motay uncle nay.. boht hi ghattiya weekend ka vaar tha.” Meanwhile, a third netizen wrote: “After all bigg Boss ka damad hai kya hi expect kr skate orr....”

    Ever since the beginning netizens have been divided over Sajid Khan’s participation in Bigg Boss 16 because he was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment during the Me Too movement. Now, ‘Evict Sajid Khan’ is trending on Twitter. What do you think will be the fate of the filmmaker?