Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Shalin’s dad wonders if Sumbul’s father was actually sick; Tina’s mother questions his ‘sanskaar’

    Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Shalin’s dad wonders if Sumbul’s father was actually sick; Tina’s mother questions his ‘sanskaar’

    Tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode will get pretty intense when Shalin Bhanot, Tina Datta and Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s parents join host Salman Khan on stage.


    Earlier this week, Bigg Boss called Sumbul Touqeer Khan to the confession room and informed her that her father is unwell. He gave her a chance to talk to him for the second time this season. Instead of talking about his health, the two discussed the game and strategies. Sumbul’s father also used harsh words while asking her to stop talking to Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta , accusing them of using her. Bigg Boss had slammed Sumbul for this and made the rest of the housemates see this clip last night.

    Many netizens had called out makers of Bigg Boss 16 for allowing Sumbul’s father to contact her not once but twice, which is against the rules. Well, on Weekend Ka Vaar tonight, Tina and Shalin’s parents will also get a chance to support their children when they grace the stage along with Sumbul’s father. In the promo, host Salman Khan begins by reprimanding the latter for claiming that he was in the hospital as an excuse to talk to Sumbul. Shalin’s father then accuses him of misusing the phone call and adds that Sumbul’s father does not look like he was actually sick and in the hospital.

    Tina’s mother, on the other hand, questioned his sanskaar. When Sumbul’s father asked why she hasn’t apologized for things her daughter said on national television, Tina’s mother reminded him that they have sent their children to Bigg Boss and not kindergarten. Shalin’s father further told him not to justify everything by calling Sumbul a kid. He also schooled him for using the word ‘aukaat’. Well, netizens are pretty excited to watch this mini game of Bigg Boss which will be played by Shalin, Tina and Sumbul’s parents in tonight’s episode!

    Last night, Shalin and Tina lashed out at Sumbul after watching her conversation with her father. Shalin even kicked things in anger and asked her to stop talking to him. In your opinion, who is wrong here?