‘Bigg Boss aapka bhi bohot ho gaya’: Archana Gautam refuses her punishment; gets the entire house in trouble

    ‘Bigg Boss aapka bhi bohot ho gaya’: Archana Gautam refuses her punishment; gets the entire house in trouble

    Archana Gautam is always at loggerheads with her fellow contestants, but she respects Bigg Boss and his orders. However, she has had enough and will apparently go against him tonight.


    After a scandalous week, Bigg Boss 16 ’s entertainer Archana Gautam finally got the much deserved apology from housemate and filmmaker Sajid Khan . He had abused her during an argument and also kicked a stool which ended up hurting her. On top of all this, he charged at her angrily multiple times. But she also got schooled by host and superstar Salman Khan for the language she uses. All in all, it was a fun Weekend Ka Vaar. Well, tonight’s episode also promises to be an eventful one, starting with Shekhar Suman’s Qawwali night.

    Archana can be seen dancing in a teaser while Shekhar sings. But according to another promo, she’s going to get into trouble later in the episode. Tonight, Bigg Boss will give the housemates a special task-- to punish contestants who sleep during the day by splashing water on their face. Ankit Gupta and Soundarya Sharma will patiently sit in the garden area and get drenched. But Archana will refuse to take this punishment, claiming that she could get sick because of the cold water. She will also ask Bigg Boss for a different punishment.

    While Shiv Thakare will try to make her understand, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia will mock her by calling her a VIP. Later Archana will storm off to the bathroom area in anger, saying, “Bigg Boss aapka bhi bohot ho gaya hai! Ab aapko khulle mein dikhati main.” This will obviously leave Bigg Boss extremely angry. He will stop the punishment mid-way and announce a new punishment for the entire house. Well, netizens are quite happy about it because they want Sajid, Nimrit and their gang to also be punished. One netizen shared, “Very good Archana..sahi h ab milegi sb kamino ko saza😑🤮”, whereas another social media user wrote: “Kya strong bandi hai🔥🔥😂best contestant.”

    In your opinion, is Archana the most entertaining contestant this season or is she going a little overboard?