‘I miss that girl’: Fahmaan Khan reveals Sumbul’s father didn’t allow her to shoot a music video with him

    Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer had plans to reunite in a music video post Bigg Boss 16. But a BTS clip from an earlier shoot made latter’s father say no


    Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer not only emerged as one of the most adored on-screen jodis with Imlie, but also became best friends. Fans loved them together and seeing their real life bond on Bigg Boss 16 filled our hearts with love. But lately the two have been in the news because of a rumoured fallout. Well, Fahmaan has now broken his silence about the same and has admitted that he and Sumbul really have drifted apart. This happened after Sumbul’s father Touqeer Hasan Khan apparently didn’t allow her to shoot a music video with Fahmaan. The actor even spoke to him and apologized for anything which may have hurt Sumbul’s father, but things just didn’t work out.

    What was the problem? Well, in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Fahmaan revealed that when he and Sumbul were shooting a music video before Bigg Boss 16, a behind the scenes video of Sumbul sleeping on his arm on set was shared by the PR team on social media. Fahmaan even reposted it. This did not go down well with her father and he made the makers take it down. Post BB when they spoke, Sumbul told Fahmaan that she felt he didn’t support her. Nevertheless, the two made plans to shoot two music videos together. But later Sumbul apparently called Fahmaan and said she can’t shoot his music video. The actor learnt that her father was still upset with the BTS video from Ishq Ho Gaya.

    Fahmaan shared that he called Sumbul’s father and even apologized, but latter did not budge. Sumbul’s father clearly said no and instead told Fahmaan about a music video that he and his daughter were planning. Fahmaan explained that he was hurt and told Sumbul’s father that he won’t star in their video, and they can do it separately. He went on to message Sumbul that these professional issues won’t hamper their friendship, but the actress stopped replying much.

    Fahmaan was quoted saying, “I miss that girl, I miss my friend. We met at Entertainment Ki Raat, and we had a lot of fun. We forgot about everything and we do that, we have that in us. But the entire speculations that happened, it doesn’t affect me, I am still the same Fahmaan I was years back. But I don’t know if that has affected anyone to be a certain way to be liked by the public.” Later in the interview, he added a special appeal for her father. Fahmaan stated, “Uncle, chhodo yaar jaane do. Kya peeche pade ho aap. I want to tell you, just stop it. Let it go.”

    Well, this will surely break the hearts of many Sumbul and Fahmaan fans.