‘Kyon majak udati ho’: Rakhi Sawant gets slammed for offering namaz in short leggings with painted nails

    Rakhi Sawant is observing Ramadan for the first time this year after embracing Islam


    If there is one person who knows how to regularly make headlines with her antics, it is controversy’s favourite child Rakhi Sawant . While some find her entertaining, haters call her ‘annoying’. But we can all agree that nobody can ignore Rakhi. May it be inside Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss house or on social media. Well, lately Rakhi has been in the news for her broken marriage with estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani . The actress is currently waiting for their divorce to get finalized after filing an FIR against him for domestic violence and mishandling her funds.

    Rakhi embraced the religion of Islam during her nikaah to Adil and was excited for their first Ramadan together after marriage. Though they are not together anymore, Rakhi is respecting the holy month and is fasting every day. But she recently revealed that her roza was broken because she ate chewing gum. The actress was brutally trolled. Well, today Rakhi shared a video of her offering namaz which has left netizens angry yet again. While some are upset that she is wearing short leggings which are not entirely covering her legs, others are irked because of her nail polish.

    In the comment section below, many netizens are now slamming Rakhi for not learning the rules before observing Ramadan and roza. One netizen wrote: “Itni kam length wali pant Mein Namaz Nahi Hoti Hai Kyon majak udati Ho bar bar😤😡”, whereas another social media user slammed her by writing, “Namaz me nail polish Nahi Laga sakte ibadath Dil se karo Nek irade show off ke liye kahi b kisi b yoga mat par Nahi.” A third comment read: “FYI: nail paint lgake namaz nh hoti hai,, or pajama neeche tak pehno legs nhin dikhne chahiye ma'am”, meanwhile another netizen shared, “She is not praying salah/namaz, com'on you guys.. she is just pretending to get famous thats it. It's all fake😑😑😑😑.”

    What are your thoughts on Rakhi’s new video?