Nia Sharma on her song Phoonk Le: "I'm not here to defend the lyrics, but if we shy away we'll be…”- EXCLUSIVE

    Nia Sharma on her song Phoonk Le: "I'm not here to defend the lyrics, but if we shy away we'll be…”- EXCLUSIVE

    Nia Sharma's latest music video, Phoonk Le is out. In an exclusive interview with us, she opened up about the song, why she said yes to it, and also addressed criticism that the lyrics objectify women


    Nia Sharma has always been one of the talented and hottest TV stars ever. She has always raised the bar with her choices and has been so glamorous that she has often been bestowed the title of one of Asia's sexiest. The actress who has been turning heads with her music videos of late recently starred in one called 'Phoonk Le'. 

    This one is like a tribute to item numbers, and Nia raised the hotness quotient with her moves and her thumkas. But, the lyrics of the song are something that many have criticised. Many have felt that the lyrics objectify women. In an exclusive interview with us, Nia opened up about this, and revealed why she took up the song.

    Talking about the lyrics, Nia told us, "I am not here to defend the lyrics of the songs, I'm not here to defend the light the women are presented. I am not defying or denying any any any sort of this thing, even when the song came my way it wasn't like ‘Oh my god!’ The first thing was, is it something like 'chad ja mere dil pe sanp sidhi ki tarah, mujhe phoonk le balma raat bhar bidhi ki tarah?' It's not normal. My first reaction was I laughed my a** off.”

    Trying to justify such songs the actress added, “At the end of the day, we have to understand that here in Mumbai, Bollywood - this is an entertainment hub. If we try to shy away from making things we will be restricted on a lot of manners. And if I had said no to the song, they would have gotten somebody else on board. There's no dearth of people, no dearth of girls wanting to do something. So for someone like me, I took it as an artist- that I got a song, which they really and very humbly gave it to me. For me, it was more about performing it very well. It was more about going all out for this."

    Nia also felt that it was a chance for her to perform her heart out. She has always admired actresses dancing to item numbers and felt that it was her chance to perform solo and own the song like that. The actress added, "This (Phoonk Le) brought me to senses that ‘hey, something I had watched on TV as a kid,’ you know, Chamma Chamma or Chaiyya Chaiyya and I thought the next thing I could be doing the same thing. I will be performing solo so my mind went in that direction. Where else would I be able to do these things? You cannot do it on a romantic song, you cannot do it on a sad song. These are the kinds of songs to dance on. And these are the songs that have been going on in our industry. You know, ‘Chammak Chalo ’ is not a very decent word to use. Then ‘Namak Ishq Ka’ … aisa nahi hai ke the lyrics of other songs have not been cheesy. But it has been entertainment, it has been used and the songs have been so so popular and you play them at weddings and other events. So sometimes maybe we could not look at it from a point of view of women being objectified."

    She further felt that women are the ones who can bring that kind of seductiveness on screen! She added, "How would you like a man dancing in an item number? How would that be? No, right? It's always a woman who brings a certain charm, a seductive attitude to the frame, to the screen. So I took it sportingly. I don't know how good or bad this could have been or would have been or has been, but I just did it as something that I got to perform for myself."

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