‘Niyat main khot hai’: Netizens slam Bigg Boss 16 of designing tasks for Nimrit, serving her ticket to finale on platter

    Last night Archana Gautam was schooled by Bigg Boss for claiming that the task was built to make Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia the winner. Well, netizens couldn’t agree more.

    ‘Niyat main khot hai’: Netizens slam Bigg Boss 16 of designing tasks for Nimrit, serving her ticket to finale on platter

    Every year we see the contestants of Bigg Boss fight with everything they have to win the ticket to finale. However, in season 16 it was handed over to Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia by Bigg Boss himself along with captaincy as well as immunity. Three chances were given to other housemates where they tried to take the ticket away from Nimrit. However, mandali’s support made it difficult. Last night, the contestants were given one last chance but the task was canceled and the ticket to finale ended up with Nimrit, making her the first finalist of the season.

    When Archana Gautam pointed out that the task was designed to make Nimrit win, Bigg Boss slammed her for questioning his intentions. However, there are many disappointed netizens who couldn’t agree more with Archana. One social media user pointed out: “Platter kaur ahluwalia. Saved from nominations and evictions and now given TTFW while deserving contestants like shalin or archana will leave. Niyat main khot hai big boss”, whereas another tweeted: “I like the audacity of Bigg Boss by saying that we are unbiased for Nimrit .. this task was the full proof plan by entire #BiggBoss16 Team to serve the platter to #NimritKaurAhluwalia Such favouritism was never seen before in any season. So disappointing.”

    Many members of the audience are unhappy to see that Nimrit has reached the finale even though there are contestants in the reality show who are more deserving than her. Well, according to social media buzz, the leftover members of her mandali have ended up in nominations. We are talking about rapper MC Stan , Shiv Thakare and Sumbul Touqeer Khan . Last night, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary fought hard to make Sumbul the finalist instead of Nimrit, to change the game. However, MC Stan refused to budge and in the end they got the task canceled. There are some fans who have decided that Nimrit should be blamed if Sumbul is evicted this week.

    In your opinion, were the tasks really designed to make Nimrit win or did all the contestants have a fair chance at winning the ticket to finale?