‘Oscar winning performance’: Rakhi Sawant trolled for crying about her marriage just days after her mother’s demise

    In her latest interaction with the media, Rakhi Sawant has revealed that her marriage with Adil Khan Durrani is on the rocks.

    ‘Oscar winning performance’: Rakhi Sawant trolled for crying about her marriage just days after her mother’s demise

    The last few weeks have been extremely difficult for Rakhi Sawant . The actress, dancer and entertainment queen, who got married to her businessman beau Adil Khan Durrani recently, revealed that she was pregnant but suffered from a miscarriage. She was also looking after her mother who was getting treated for cancer as well as a brain tumour. But a few days ago, Rakhi’s doting mother breathed her last. The actress penned a heartbreaking post sharing the news of her demise on social media and was later joined by her loved ones when she performed the last rites.

    Through it all, her husband Adil was by her side. Rakhi’s fans were devastated by her loss but were glad that she had a pillar of support by her side. However, her latest interaction with paparazzi has left netizens confused. In a viral video, which looks like it was shot outside her gym, Rakhi can be heard telling the shutterbugs that her marriage is on the rocks. While crying, she shared, “Meri shadi khatre mein hai. Kuchh samajh mein nahi aa raha. Yeh main sabko aapko kuchh nahi bata sakti, wakt aane par sab saamne aayega. Main allah se dua karti hun.. Maine kisi ka kya bigada hai khuda.. Meri maa chali gayi.. Tu mujhe maar kyun nahi deta khuda.”

    Rakhi further stated that marriage is not a joke before breaking down in front of the cameras while sitting in her car. This viral video has left netizens shocked! But there are many who are irked by Rakhi’s behaviour and are accusing her of doing drama just days after her mother’s demise. In the comment section below, one social media user wrote: “Oscar winning performance. Why tf she has to cry for everything in front of camera”, whereas another netizen shared, “Somebody put a gag order on her ! Totally lost respect from all this unnecessary drama !” Meanwhile, a third comment read: “Rakhi needs a deep cleanse . Not even time to mourn the death of mother and back to the same drama . Please Rakhi rest , you need it.”

    Well, we hope Rakhi and Adil are able to sort out whatever has happened between them.