Tunisha Sharma death: Late actress' mother claims Sheezan Khan used to force her daughter to do drugs

    Tunisha Sharma's mother Vanita has put fresh allegations against accused Sheezan Khan and made several shocking revelations.

    Tunisha Sharma death: Late actress' mother claims Sheezan Khan used to force her daughter to do drugs

    Ali Baba: Daastan-E-Kabul actress Tunisha Sharma 's mother Vanita has made some shocking revelations about accused Sheezan Khan and his family. In the latest media interaction, she went on to claim that Tunisha’s friend had told her that Sheezan used to do drugs. She also added that he used to force her daughter to do it as well.

    Earlier, Sheezan’s family at a press conference alleged that Tunisha’s mother was responsible for her own daughter’s suicide. His family said that Vanita would never give her money and even tried to strangle her. In a recent interview with AajTak TV, Vanita rubbished such allegations saying, “Tunisha was my life. She never concealed anything from me. In the last 3-4 months, she was getting closer to his family. The entire family used Tunisha. Sheezan’s mother has claimed that I wouldn’t give her money. I gave her Rs 3 lakh in three months. You can see my statement.”

    Further, Vanita added, “I have no idea where Tunisha used the 3 lakhs that I had sent in the last three months. It might be because of the drugs. She would use my car to pick him up from Malad. I got to know about Sheezan after shoot at Leh Ladakh. She told me she liked him, and I told her to focus on the show. Sheezan had even slapped Tunisha. Tunisha had told her friends that Sheezan used to do drugs and that she was being forced to do it as well. She had started smoking. I want all the reports.”

    On the allegations of hitting her, she said she had never hit her. “I had promised her father that I will always keep her happy. I would do everything for her. If she wanted anything, I would get it right after she uttered it.” Meanwhile, Tunisha hanged herself on the sets of her show on December 24. Sheezan got arrested on the charges of abetment of suicide. The Mumbai court had postponed the hearing on his bail application till Monday i.e. January 9.