Urfi Javed lands in the hospital after her lengthy rant against Chahat Khanna; Here's what happened

    Urfi Javed lands in the hospital after her lengthy rant against Chahat Khanna; Here's what happened

    After posting a series of stories on Instagram against actress Chahat Khanna who slammed her fashion choices, Urfi shocked the internet posting a picture from a hospital bed.


    Urfi Javed is always in talks about her peculiar fashion choices but not today. The social media sensation who raises the bar for risqué fashion went a rant yesterday after actress Chahat Khanna called her choices ‘cheap’ in an Instagram story. Little di anyone expect that after calling out the actress, they’d see a post of Urfi lying in a hospital bed.

    The Bigg Boss OTT fame actress’ post raised concerns as she posted a picture while eating a meal in the hospital bed and said that neglecting her health is what landed her there. Urfi was admitted to Mumbai’s Kokilaben Ambani Hospital on Saturday for having a high fever the reason behind which is still unknown. The actress reportedly got tests run at the hospital and was admitted as a precaution.

    The actress wrote while sharing her picture from a hospital, “Yes this happened. Kept ignoring my health and now.” Urfi who posted back to back stories yesterday, apparently from the hospital against Chahat Khanna also wrote, “Got too much time while I’m here.”

    Urfi and Chahat got into an ugly spat as the latter penned a note slamming Urfi’s spotting around town in cut up clothes and called her fashion ‘cheap’. Urfi clapped back rather harshly taking a dig at Chahat for her two divorces and also called her a hypocrite for not having issues with stars like Ranveer Singh stripping down or even thinking about her own posts where Chahat had posted a picture of her bare back.

    Urfi’s fashion choices entered the spotlight when she participated in Karan Johar hosted Bigg Boss OTT last year. Even though her stint on the show was short lived, she went down as one of the most popular celebrities to have featured on the show as she continued to remain the centre of attention with her eccentric fashion outings.