‘You will feed me or your uncle’: Rakhi Sawant hits back at haters who want her to sit home in a burka

    Rakhi Sawant, who is observing Ramadan this year, has a special message for her haters

    ‘You will feed me or your uncle’: Rakhi Sawant hits back at haters who want her to sit home in a burka

    The last few months have been incredibly difficult for controversy’s favourite child Rakhi Sawant . Just a few days after she lost her mother, the actress filed an FIR against her husband Adil Khan Durrani . She accused him of infidelity and mishandling her finances along with domestic violence. They had gotten married last year and Rakhi, who had embraced Christianity a few years ago, converted to Islam for their Nikah. But the actress is now in a much better place in her personal life and has even returned to work. Currently, Rakhi is observing Ramadan.

    In a recent chat with the paparazzi, Rakhi revealed that she is fasting all day long and in the evening she comes to the gym. She also had a special message for haters who want her to sit home in a ‘burka’. ETimes quoted her saying, “Why are people preaching me, embrace Islam and sit at home. You will feed me, or your uncle or neighbours. Itna free ka time kaise hai logon ke paas. Jaise he sehri kar ke main photo daalti hoon, they praise but the moment I wear glamorous clothes they start writing comments "dimaag kharab mat karo".”

    Rakhi went on to add that she has converted to Islam, reads the namaz and knows her limits. She shared, “They ask me to sit at home and wear burka. I read namaz and follow Islam from heart and don't need anyone's preaching.” Rakhi is now waiting for her divorce to be finalized, which will be soon enough, and does not care who her estranged husband wants to marry next. This is in reference to a recent revelation she made about Adil. He apparently offered to marry the Iranian girl that he allegedly raped and asked her to take back the case she filed against him.

    On the work front, Rakhi recently featured in a music video which was based on her relationship with Adil. Up next, she will be seen in a web series.