10 Endrathukulla

10 Endrathukulla

3.3 631 Ratings

Directed by : Vijay Milton

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  • Critics Rating 2.3/5
  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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10 Endrathukulla is a road movie and revolves around a journey.


“Honest efforts by the lead pair make this a decent entertainer. ”

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Before you count to ten, please reconsider your decision to watch this movie.

Rated 1.5 / 5

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10EK makes you wonder if it was the same Vijay Milton who directed "Goli soda". "Goli soda", featuring a group of angry young teens who debuted in pasanga, was a surprisingly refreshing change from mainstream Tamil cinema. Vijay Milton's direction, along with some great acting by the entire cast made sure you felt the grit and anger, and made you root for the kids. It was a perfect action thriller and showcased Vijay Milton's talent as a director capable of convincingly portraying realistic situations.

Oops, this is exactly what I feared when I began writing the review. Eventhough I can go on about Goli Soda, this is a review for 10EK. Unfortunately, the disappointment from watching 10EK is so overpowering that the only solace I can find is by talking about how good Vijay Milton's previous film was.

Its not long before you start thinking, why such a talented actor like Vikram keeps choosing scripts like these. If you felt sorry for him in "Thandavam" and "I", here you start feeling the peeve of watching Vikram in yet another clumsily scripted movie. He himself stated in an interview that it is a commercial run of the mill story, but, handled differently. There was one scene where Vikram fights with some so called terrifying villains, and when one of them gets injured, he ties a cloth around the wound, and the other goons carry the injured guy away to get his wound treated. If such brainlessly thought out scenes are what makes this movie different, we could definitely have done without it.

Vikram, as always, never fails in delivering what is asked for. Charming as ever, he is a treat to watch on the big screen after a long time, but, if he keeps choosing scripts like these, things will change. Everyone knows the kind of effort he puts in to get into the skin of the character. In 10EK, he wears casual costumes, and effortlessly essay's the role of an ace car driver who gets things done on time and doesn't bother about anything as long as he is paid what is promised. As much as we would like to watch Vikram in more of these roles, we also expect a lot when it comes to the story.

Samantha is cute and bubbly and has a pretty meaty role in this movie. The music is absolutely terrible, and the background score doesn't do justice at all. There are some really bad VFX sequences, which would have looked far better if they had shot it instead of using graphics. The awry lip sync, completely unfunny portions and pointless plot twists adds to your woes.

Some of the scenes have been shot in barren lands, where the thugs have their cars parked in the middle of nowhere. They have a girl kidnapped and for no absolute reason, they keep moving her from one car to another. At one point you have absoultely no idea as to what and why everything is happening. It is in the last half an hour or so the story really starts. Such is the lackadaisical nature of the movie.

You could spend ten seconds and save three precious hours of your lives, instead of watching 10 endrathukulla.

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