144 (Film)

144 (Film)

2.8 277 Ratings

Directed by : Manikandan

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  • Critics Rating 2.5/5
  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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144 is an Tamil comedy film directed by Manikandan and produced by C. V. Kumar, starring Shiva, Ashok Selvan, Oviya and Sruthi Ramakrishnan in the leading roles.


“144 ends up as an average crime comedy.”

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Mirchi Shiva


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144 (Film) Audience Review

Occasionally good, frequently hare-brained!

| by Karthik Kumar |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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CV Kumar's films have a dependable reputation in Kollywood. Or at least, by now. Even his lacklustre outing Sarabham, which was ripped off from a foreign film, had engaging factors for audiences to sit through the film. But, his latest offering 144 which marks the debut of filmmaker Manikandan is an absolute dud.

The film is replete of deadpan humor which is glorified even more by the stonefaced performances of Ashok Selvan who clearly misses to hit the target in his first experience with the comedy genre. Mirchi Shiva, a veteran at black humor, manages to bring the roof down in remnants and even he remains incorrigibly boring at one point of time thanks to the impactless dialogues which fail to tickle the funny bone.

While the first half is passable with interesting character establishments in the two villages at war, the second half where things become highly chaotic with our heroes on the run becomes monotonous. Manikandan has lost his focus on the storytelling aspects and instead dedicated his time to evoke laughter in audiences with sapless shortcut methods.

144 makes one to think whether CV Kumar has confined himself to making low-budget films by compromising on quality in order to save his neck from taking risks and gamble with mid-sized to high budget films with good content.

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