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36 Vayithinile

36 Vayithinile

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Directed by : Roshan Andrews

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A remake of the Malayalam film, How Old Are You, the Tamil version is also directed by Roshan Andrews and stars Jothika in the lead.


“The Rasathi well and truly is back with a bang!”

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Rated 3.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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So Jyotika makes a comeback to Kollywood with 36Vayadhinile, which is a remake of Malayalam film How old are you, which was also the comeback movie for Manju Warrier. Its a clean female centric film that's tailor made for comebacks. I liked the fact that this subject suits her age and its a sensible move. And Suriya producing the film is just an icing on the cake.

So 36Vayadhinile is a story of a typical housewife, who does all the sacrifices for the well being of her family. But instead of being appreciated, most of the ladies in our households are either degraded or ridiculed. But here Jyotika goes on a journey to rediscover herself and regain her identity. It's not some sort of revolution based movie, so ladies don't get fired up after watching the film. Everybody has their own identity, so just relax and try to find it.

Since the film is a perfect remake from How old are you, the technical aspects are pretty high quality. The story and screenplay is already tried, tested and successful so nothing can possibly go wrong here. The dialogues were inspiring and simple. Music by Santhosh Narayan was simply magical. His music neatly fills the gaps in between the dialogues and takes the film forward. Editing was good and kept the film under 2 hours. Cinematography was good, with close framing and neat angles.

Lets talk about Jyotika. We all know Suriya is such a supporting husband, but this story somewhat feels original and close to her heart. Probably this is a story that every housewife can relate herself to. Once married, you drop your dream and dedicate you life for your family. But not every woman is same. There are many who have achieved a lot in this competitive world. Jyotika did complete justice to this role. Her innocent face expressions and smile makes you feel for her at times. She just took off from where she left 8 years back and looks pretty confident on screen.

Jyotika some times goes a bit overboard and over acts at times. But in this film she was pretty subtle in her expressions and emotions. And none other could have pulled off this role with ease other than her. So full marks to her in the acting department. Others were just fine and supported her wherever needed.

The interaction between a mother and her daughter, husband and wife, in laws and the daughter in law, a caring friend, its these little moments that make 36Vayadhinile a genuine attempt to make women realize, that nobody can ever put an expiry date to their dreams and they just need to start living the life for themselves.

I somehow felt the 2nd half was rushed just to complete the film within 2 hours. First half was neatly paced and moved smoothly. Some portions in the 2nd half were rushed and the climax was a dampener. Jyotika was good, but for this role Manju Warrier was better in terms of keeping the audience rooted. NOM.