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6 Candles

6 Candles

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Directed by : V. Z. Durai

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“6 Candles are not enough to light up a slow paced drama that is brought down by a lengthy second half and poor performances. Skip the film. ”

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Overemotional version of Taken

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Shaam's 6 candles is the overemotional version of Taken. It's not a remake of Taken, and yet I compare this film with it because they bear some resemblance. The protagonists of both the film search for their missing daughter/son. While Taken was an adrenaline pumping action flick, Shaam's much delayed film that finally released today happens to be extremely dreary.

When a six-year old boy goes missing on his birthday, his father, played by Shaam, sets out to find him with the help of a call taxi driver. He travels to different places in search of his son with the help of clues he stumbles upon while enquiring about his missing son with people. As he continues to search for his son, he learns that a big child trafficking group is involved in the disappearance of his son. Will he finally reunite with his son or not. This forms the rest of the story.

I wouldn't have mind watching even a remake of Taken instead of spending time to sit through this torture. In fact, I believe the makers should have smartly remade Taken because I'm certain the audience would love a film with kickass action even if the story goes for a toss. It could have also been made into a slick psychological thriller at least, but no, because we get a film where every other character is crying his or her lungs out.

Even at two hours and eleven minutes, 6 Candles was extremely lengthy because the film's pace is sluggish. While the first half was still watchable, my god, the second one was terrible. I feel sorry for Shaam because he spent nearly two years on this garbage. He could have spent this time on some other project instead.

When you're kid is lost or has gone missing, how long do you keep crying? And when you have decided to search for him then at least you should stop crying and think straight, right? But, Shaam here is very erratic as he throws some punches in one scene, rescuing other kidnapped kids and crying mostly in others. Shaam and Puunam have a crying competition in the film, but the latter wins hands down as she was roped in to merely cry through the film.

6 Candles is a film that never takes itself seriously in its entire runtime. How can it possibly expect the same from the audience who are forced to sympathize with Shaam towards the end of the film.

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