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Maiem is a 'mocktail' of sorts which combines elements of romance and comedy with claustrophobic thrill.


“An unappealing thriller.”

Maiem Audience Review

Only the Maiem ( Central Plot ) is strong !

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Rated 1.5 / 5
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Maiem had a decent buzz just days before the release of the movie. Special red carpet shows were arranged to the students as a part of promotions and it was reported that those guys appreciated this movie. With that in mind, i watched this movie.

A couple trying to elope, a frnd of them, a model, ATM security and a psycho killer. Four of them get locked in an ATM while the psycho killer stands out of the ATM and kills those who passby. Do these guys escape or not is the movie.

The movie starts with a not so impressive opening song and moves on establishing the characters in it. Everything seemed amateurish and didnt impress much. Probably low productional value is one of the main reasons. The first half revolves around the happenings at the ATM and with just a suspense of why these things are happening the first half ends.

The second half again repeats the same and the only knot in the movie is revealed in the climax. This makes the audience tired and lose patience to wait till the end to know why. Had few other twists be added, this could have been better.

The songs in the second half were good but misplaced. It has a strong storyline but the approach was not convincing. Had it been a serious movie it could have worked better i felt.

Maiem created by a gang of youngsters as their first attempt is decent. I wish they come back strong in their next outing.