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Maiem is a 'mocktail' of sorts which combines elements of romance and comedy with claustrophobic thrill.


“An unappealing thriller.”

Maiem Audience Review

A pedestrian romance thriller that is neither thrilling nor romantic!

Rated 1.5 / 5

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The basic plot of Maiem is very interesting and induces instant curisoity. A guy, who is waiting to join her girl in Koyambedu bus stand to elope the city and get married, his friend and a famous model who frequently faces harassment through mysterious phone calls are unfortunately forced to stay inside a secluded ATM situated somewhere on the outskirts of the city when they come in to drop cash. They are given moral support by a security officer who stays inside the adjacent room and is rested with the duty of guarding the ATM outlet. Reason: A lanky pyschopath is waiting outside with a huge weapon.

While the psychopath's intentions are unknown, he is not ready to enter the ATM because of the security camera which is installed inside. There starts the never-ending guessing games. What does the psychopath want? Why is he waiting outside with a weapon? The people drop a large chunk of cash and throw it in a cover in the belief that he will go away after receiving the money. But, the experiment fails. The rest of the plot revolves around the ultimate revelation.

Though Maiem carries a reasonably good plotline, the narration takes a backseat. The comical elements, which Robo Shankar attempts to portray, are cringeworthy and hardly make you laugh. The performances are quite amateurish and it is very much understandable since the cast and crew who worked in the film are majorly ewcomers.

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