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Release Date : | Length : 134 Minutes

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Aaaah is a horror movie directed by Hareesh Narayan and stars Bobby Simha in the lead role


“Aaah turns out to be a better rom-com than a horror. ”

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Bobby Simha


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Decent low budget horror film which as its own thrilling moments.

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Aaaah is the second outing for Directors Hari and Hareesh after Ambuli. Aaaah as Ambuli Gokulnath, Bala Saravanan, Bobby Simha, Meghna, M S Bhaskar and Bosskey playing important roles. The horror genre is something not new for Tamil cinema. We have been watching this genre films for decades and let's see what Aaaah as to offer for us.

The story line of Aaaah is not much confusing as compared to this genre type films. When a group of friends reunion for a long time and when a bunch of close friends (Ambuli Gokulnath, Bala Saravanan, Bobby Simha & Meghna) starts to talk about ghosts, there comes a bet between these guys to prove the existence of it. To win this bet, Tamil (Ambuli Gokulnath), Singh (Bala Saravanan) & Jeni (Meghna) travels various parts of world to prove the existence of ghost to Hopper (Bobby Simha) and win the huge money which was offered by him.

Aaaah doesn't do any outstanding work but it has couple of its own moments to thrill the audience. But there are lots and lots of drawbacks which makes this film as an average one. The lead characters are not established well and the cases they get in hand to showcase the ghost existence are also not established properly to the viewers. Rather taking more ghost cases, they could have taken two proper cases and established it well.

Aaaah also lacks talented actors to portray the roles. When MS Bhaskar portion comes on screen, he tried to shift the film's core theme with his acting. This was not fulfilled by any other actors and drags the film to real bad situation. Overall, Aaaah is a decent horror film with its own thrilling moments..!!!

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