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Aaha Kalyanam

Aaha Kalyanam

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Release Date : | Length : 142 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Aaha Kalyanam is a comedy movie directed by Gokul Krishna and stars Nani in the lead role


“Aaha Kalyanam is a far cry from its original source, Band Baaja Baarat. The lead pair's chemistry is a major asset for the film but Nani takes the cake. A one-time watch for some hilarious moments.”

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Good enough to kill time. Spare yourself from any expectations

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Aaha Kalyanam celebrates the idea of wedding celebrations. Directed by A. Gokul Kumar, it stars actor Nani and Vani Kapoor in lead roles. The plot of the story, set in this day and age of glorious Indian wedding business, revolves around a very ambitious dream of Shruthi ( Vani Kapoor ) to develop a successful career as a wedding planner. Shakthi ( actor Nani) plays the usual young aimless college boy who falls in love with Shruthi and decides to use his extra special PR and managerial skills to join her business. All of this happens because of various other loosely connected incidents with a touch of melodrama, but that is the premise of the story ladies and gentlemen. And so they begin their journey as a wedding planner duo and also slowly into each other's hearts.

Director A. Gokul Kumar debuts with this film but offers no great remarkable story telling abilities. Actor Nani plays his usual good fool with charming traits and great hidden talents. Vani Kapoor has a great on-screen presence but doesn't go beyond playing a pretty version of her pretty self. In short this film is very pretty but tells us no story.

Good cinematography, lots of handheld camera, bearable music score but boring dialogues. As an audience, I would have definitely wanted more but its a good effort for what it is.

Put aside all the judgements passed above and go watch it if you have a class to bunk or really have no plans for the day. It is not unbearable like the rest of our films but good enough to keep you occupied for a little while.

Good job to the team involved and please, the next time you work on a story please connect all the loose appear-disappear storylines.

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