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Release Date : | Length : 110 Minutes

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“Aal's attempt to showcase sensitive subjects like terrorism is half-baked and disoriented. An unrealistic attempt that fails to recreate the magic of the original Hindi version. Skip it!”

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Grip-less Thriller

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Aal, directed by debutant Ananda Krishnan carries a very serious message - Muslims are forced to become terrorists due to circumstances. Vidharth plays lead role with all supporting characters. Don't jump to say that Aal doesn't have a female lead, there is a female lead in the film but appeared for two to three scenes only.

Aal deals how a well-educated Muslim man, Amair forced to do suspicious activities when his family is taken hostage. There's a lot of scope for drama and suspense in a story like this, but Aal failed to use it.

Vidharth plays the role of Amair quite convincingly. His act of somebody on the threshold of going through a stress-burst looked genuine and acceptable. Script like this needs a gripping screenplay with lots of suspicion and mind-play. Music composer Johan failed to use his opportunity in the background music and didn't deliver good songs too. Overall, Aal is a forgettable watch.

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