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Aarathu Sinam

Aarathu Sinam

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Directed by : Arivazhagan Venkatachalam

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Aarathu Sinam is a remake of Jeethu Joseph's Malayalam film Memories (2013), the film stars Arulnithi, Aishwarya Rajesh and Aishwarya Dutta in the lead roles.


“Aarathu Sinam remains faithful to the original.”

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Aarathu Sinam Audience Review

Aarathu Sinam comes off as an extremely well made psychological thriller/whodunit.

Rated 4.0 / 5
by Mukesh Kumar (678 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Barring the fact that this is an out and out remake of Jeetu Joseph's "Memories", the film is indeed one of the brilliant thrillers made under Tamil Cinema's canopy till date with a tinge of romance, drama and neo noir by director Arivazhagan after his impressive showdowns with "Eeram" & "Vallinam".

The pacing was at its finest in this thriller, allocating equal time for character development and, in its second half, where it transitions into a good thriller. The second half was more akin to a true whodunnit mystery which keeps you guessing till its revelation in the finale.

Here he scores full marks by tweaking the original and taut screenplay to suit the Tamil audience with a bit more added melodrama (which actually worked the other way over a point, to be honest).

The characters who are warm and humane, bringing out the emotions as exactly as it could. In the performances, Aishwarya Rajesh, Radharavi were flawless. Brownie points to the antagonist too, for sustaining the tension even after revealing the well kept suspense (I wouldn't want to tell his name here :P ) The others are good and Arulnidhi churns out yet another brilliant performance after a spate of his marvelous performances in films like "Demonte COlony, "Mouna Guru" etc. Especially the flashback sequences are conceived rather exquisitely, all thanks to some little miniscule improvizations. Hats off to Arulnidhi's ballsy script selection at this point of his career.

The brilliant editing by Rajesh Kannan.S plays a pivotal role in maintaining the chills and thrills in some of the scenes. In particular, the transitions and cus were unparalleled. The music score by Thaman which is equally instrumental in setting up the intensity of the movie.

Cinematography by Aravinnd Singh is awe-striking to say the least. Lighting techniques deserve special mention which proves to be a delightful watch. The flaw in the film, lies in the melodrama, the dialogue scenes which could have been crisper and the minute expressions of Arulnidhi which actually somewhere, look a bit artificial while donning the drunkard look. Also the entire Robo Shankar track was in vain as it invoked no giggles whatsoever. Epic fail.

Nonetheless, Aarathu Sinam comes off as a plain thriller with no frills attached that never goes over-the-top neither does it fail to entertain you at any point. Hats off to Director Arivazhagan and team for stepping up to remake this one and justified it to a huge extent. And boy-oh-boy! Director Jeetu Joseph is such a revelation who can write scripts with international appeal. I wont be surprised if this is remade into more languages!

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