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Aavi Kumar

Aavi Kumar

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Aavi Kumar is a comedy movie directed by Kandeepan K and stars Kanika Tiwari in the lead role


“An Routine horror thriller that fails to impress on all levels.”

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Aavi Kumar movie review

Rated 1.0 / 5
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Horror movies are the hot and happening genre in Kollywood and everybody wants to make one. How does the name Aavi Kumar sounds? Honestly, I felt its some kind of spoof film. But this is adhukum mela. Its a joke. Read on.

I liked the plot actually. Kumar can talk to ghosts. How cool is that? He runs a show where he chats with ghosts and that's about him. One day, he walks up to a police officer and tells that he has charged a wrong person in a murder case. The police officer challenges him to prove it. Meanwhile, the real culprits start to track him down. He then moves to an apartment and meets Kanika, a fellow ghost resident. She does not believe she is dead and Kumar helps to find her past. And that becomes a crucial part in the murder investigation. That's one awesome plot I say. Honestly, no sarcasm.

If written well, and of course with a better title, this film would have been good. But clichéd writing lets the script down big time. There is no horror nor comedy. You just sit and stare at the screen without knowing what to do. There is no emotional connect and screenplay lacks intelligence. The performances were equally bad and veterans like Nasser and MS Bhaskar were made to look like jokers.

Other technical aspects too does not help in uplifting the film. Overall, Aavi Kumar is a film that wanted to become a horror film, which then tried to become a comedy film and then ended up being neither of both. Honest advice, do not watch it. I saved your time, money and life. Thank me and I accept donations :-)

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