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Aayiram Muthangaludan Thenmozhi

Aayiram Muthangaludan Thenmozhi

3.2 115 Ratings

Directed by : Shanmugaraj

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Aayiram Muthangaludan Thenmozhi tries to make a statement about all relationships of our time. Two youngsters fall in love with each other. But as time passes, they realise that love is much more than what they had thought. How they realise this forms the rest of the plot.

Aayiram Muthangaludan Thenmozhi Credit & Casting

Venkatesh (Tamil Actor)


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Aayiram Muthangaludan Thenmozhi Audience Review

Kiss of Death!

Rated 1.0 / 5

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It takes a herculean effort to even tolerate a movie that rams the clichd storyline of premarital and post marital love especially if it is devoid of substance. For the young, vibrant and coming-of-age Tamil cine-goers who have experienced cult classics in the past with the likes of Alaipayuthe which dealt with the above issue with panache, any other ordinary attempt would be peanuts. Well, now I am talking about a movie which doesn't even even fit into the ordinary league.

Coming to the stale storyline boy meets girl in a bus, romance blossoms in a wink, running around the trees happen (sucked really!), the girls father attempts to marry her to a groom of his choice and yes your guess is right the lead cast elope to Chennai where they decide to have a live-in relationship before getting married. They recognize their differences and their true colours during the short stint of 1 month and the rest of the story is about whether they got united at the end or not.

Debutant director Shanmugaraja claimed that he conducted an acting workshop for 372 days before the shooting started with 71 new faces who were introduced in this movie. I am afraid that the results were more on the negative side and none of the artists including the lead cast of Venkatesh and Akshara were convincing enough, to say the least. Among the lot, Akshara did a decent job though it was nothing close to exceptional.

Numerous scenes were juggled across and forced into the proceedings, just to add insult to our senses and the supposed-to-be comic scenes were rather irritating. During the course of the movie, I realized how critical it was for a director to possess a sense of class, which in turn might be a crucial driver to shape up the production values, music, cinematography and characterization. Shanmugaraja has got a cheap taste and would have thought to lure the masses with that, but failed miserably.

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