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Aayiram Vilakku

Aayiram Vilakku

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Aayiram Vilakku is a drama movie directed by S. P. Hosimin and stars Sathyaraj in the lead role

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Pure unadulterated torture!

Rated 0.5 / 5
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Perhaps the director liked the title so much that he had to stick to it irrespective of its connection with the storyline and finally finds an apology of a reason to justify it by naming the locality of the hero 'Aayiram Vilakku' Nagar.

The whole film is as meaningless as this, filled with characters competing with each other on low intellect.

Lingam (Satyaraj) is a do-gooder rowdy in Madurai but the public has not seen him. Rathnam (Suman) is his arch rival who wants to kill him but remembers about it only when sees him in a traffic signal.
Gopal (Shantanu Baghyaraj) is a kind hearted orphan who works in a rice mill. Gopal falls in love with Megha (Sana Khan) at first sight while there are other women lusting after him. Megha, in cliched filmy style, loses her diary that contains all information about her. This diary lands in the hands of Gopal and there begins a romance soaked in stupidity.
Lingam yearns to have a family after seeing his friend's happy and loving family and decides to adopt a son. After failing to find the right son through a juvenile interview, Lingam happens to witness Gopal saving a guy attempting suicide, gets impressed and decides to adopt him. An encounter of mistaken identity brings Gopal and Lingam (who now calls himself Kannayiram) closer and they bond like father and son (and keep feeding each other). The entire Gopal-Kannayiram track is a straight lift from Ghajini.
There is Megha's jealous 'murai maaman' who joins hands with Rathnam to kill Lingam and Gopal.
Then there are cops who want to kill Lingam in an encounter but the commissioner is against it.
And finally there is the city of Madurai where killing seems to be the noblest act and the most respected profession. If what they are showing in the film turns true, then Madurai Police Force can be rated the world's most unintelligent.
In the end, all the baddies (including Lingam) get killed and Gopal gets the girl and all of Lingam's wealth.

Satyaraj does not exert too much and disinterestedly ambles throughout the film. Shantanu is not a bad actor, but a bad judge of scripts. Sana Khan fits bill of a 'dumb chick'. Suman is a true filmy caricature. Ganja Karuppu's comedy will cure insomnia. There are loads of supporting actors and junior artistes who walk in and out of the frame contributing nothing to the story.

A few of Srikant Deva's songs are OK because they are rip-offs. Others don't need a mention. Below average cinematography, non-existent art direction and bad editing contribute well in making the film unwatchable.

A fine example of a miss-worthy film. Or..., call it an unintended spoof!

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