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Adama Jaichomada

Adama Jaichomada

2.9 184 Ratings

Release Date : | Length : 122 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Adama Jaichomada is an adventure-comedy movie directed by Badri and stars Karunakaran in the lead role


“ Adama Jaichomada bowls you over with its amusing dialogues and engaging narration. The movie cleverly combines a controversial subject with rib-tickling humor, making it perfect for a weekend watch. ”

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Rated 2.0 / 5
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Aadama Jaichomada is a comedy, not in a funny way, but in a distressingly foolish manner. All the characters in the film are half-intelligent - half-innocent.

Balaji Venugopal is a bookie trying to knot the ends in the upcoming IPL match which will be played in Chennai. He gets into Karunakaran's taxicab to meet fellow mediators. On the other side, there's Bobby Simha receiving orders from K. S. Ravikumar to nab the head of the betting menace. Balaji Venugopal's death brings all the characters to the front making way for more mindless comedy.

Narration by Shiva sets the pace for the two-hour, not so boring film. Sean Roldan's music is not a disappointment but romantic songs featuring Karunakaran and Vijayalakshmi could have been done away with. Aadama Jaichomada definitely speaks a lot about the bookies, police officers' inadequate knowledge, also concluding the film with a song that says evil wins at the box office.

Simha can be a Pagalavan, an "Assault" Sethu, and a Bhoominathan. He's one freaking good actor.

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