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Release Date : | Length : 134 Minutes

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Adhibar is a Tamil action film starring Jeevan in the lead role.


“Adhibar has absolutely nothing to talk about.”

Adhibar Credit & Casting

Jeevan (Vickey Rangaraj)

Adhibar Audience Review

Athibar - Good plot, gone bad!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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How many of you are a fan of Jeevan from Kaaka Kaaka? I am. That's the only reason I gave this film my time and I regret it now. He was good even in naan avan ellai but this script is so lame and it had no scope for him to perform to his potential.

Athibar is about a NRI guy who comes to India to start a construction company and its after effects like betrayal, local politics, land mafia and scams. How he rectifies all these issues and become a successful businessman is the rest of the story.

The thought to make a film on this issue is appreciative but the screenplay was not good. It took 1 hour to get into the subject and after that it was pretty ok but the events were not gripping and interesting. The screenplay lacked a life and all I wanted was the movie to get over. It had no start or a proper ending. Other technical departments were equally bad. Music was the worst.

Acting wise, there is no scope for jeevan to showcase his abilities. He maintained this calm composure throughtout the film. There is this dummy heroine. Antagonist was played by Ranjith and he was ok. Samuthirakani in a small cameo was good.

Overall, a good script gone bad is Athibar in a nutshell. A more gripping screenplay with twists and turns and a bit more detailed research on the land mafia and stuff would have made the film watchable. For now, stay away.

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