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Directed by : Ram Manoj Kumar

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“Adhyan can be watched once for some good scenes.”

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Abimanyu Nallamuthu


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Performances played spoilsport to an otherwise decent film.

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Lot of times, some decent small films go unnoticed because of the lack of proper marketing. Adhyan falls in that category. This is a decent film with good screnplay and a shorter run time, so the audience don't run away. The entertainment factor is less but this film is not a painful watch.

The hero comes from japan to Chennai to meet a girl he fell in love over Facebook. There are a group of drug peddlers, who are in search of a scapegoat for a planned encounter by the police. So they kidnap the hero and how he gets out from there and meets his girl is the story all about. Pretty decent plot I say.

I liked the writing and screenplay. It made sense. There were not many cliched elements. I liked the flow in which the movie kept moving. The hero comes to Chennai, then his background, the drug gang kidnaps him, then their background and why they kidnap and finally the escape. Pretty simple and neat. The music was pretty good too. Cinematography and editing were decent and kept the film around 2 hours, which is a huge plus.

The performances were quite ordinary and that let down the film. The hero cant emote even at gun point and he looked like a phychopath who keeps getting this memory flashes every now and then. The heroine looked cute and bubbly and as always there was not much of a role for her so she kinds walked, cried and smiled here and there and got away with it. There were some decent performances from the villain department.

This is not a must watch film and at the same time a crappy film too. The performances played the spoilsport to an otherwise decent film with a good storyline.

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