Aindhaam Thalamurai Siddha Vaidhya Sigamani

Aindhaam Thalamurai Siddha Vaidhya Sigamani

3.0 391 Ratings

Directed by : L G Ravichandar

Release Date : | Length : 150 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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“Aindhaam Thalamurai Siddha Vaidhya Sigamani's attempt at mixing a social message with comedy is insensitive and over-dramatic. Despite a talented cast, the movie gives out very few laughs. Watch it only if you're a fan of Bharat! ”

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Old, Older, Oldest!!!

Rated 2.0 / 5

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"Aintham Thalaimurai Siddha Vaidhya Sigamani" directed by L.G. Ravichandar said to be comedy based entertainer, yes it was said but after watching the film was little bit confused about the genre of it. This movie is all about proper education and problems faced when you don't have an proper education.

Sigamani (Bharath) is an illiterate from a Siddha doctor family and therefore he also becomes a Siddha doctor. Sigamani faces lots of difficulties being an illiterate and even his friend's cheats on him for money due to his lack of knowledge in counting money (Yes, lead of this movie doesn't even know to count money !!???!!) and awareness on cheating. To overcome this problem Sigamani decides to marry an educated girl. There comes Nandhini (Nandita) and Sigamani falls for her and gets married to her by saying he is a real doctor. This ends the first half with a twist at the interval block.

The first half twist was, even Nandhini is an illiterate. After marriage, the movie runs how Sigamani and Nadhini lies each other to maintain the lie they told for their marriage. Nandhini's father (Thambi Ramaiah) gifts Sigamani a clinic and when a critical patient comes for treatment, Sigamani revels the truth to his father-in-law to save the patient and all ends well at climax with a unwanted fight sequence.

Throughout the movie, there were lots of unwanted fight scenes and songs which test the viewers very badly. Also seriously is this a story line for 2014?? Come on, I heard this movie release was delayed, according to me, it should have released at least 25 years ago.

Bharath and Nandita makes a fresh couple on screen and there are plenty of comedians in the movie, Karunakaran, Mano Bala, Singam Puli, M S Baskar, Chaams, Imman Annachi, Badava Gopi, Madhan Bob and many others tried to provide the comedy element to the movie but failed very badly. Renuka as the mother of Bharath and Thambi Ramaiah as father of Nandita shows some good performance but no impact. Overall, this so called comedy commercial film can be watched only to kill some time with few laughs!!

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