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Aivarattam revolves around a shorter form of football that is popular in Sivanganga district. The film delves into the trials and triumphs in the life of a talented young man, who has a passionate love of football.

Aivarattam Audience Review

Aivarattam - All Goals And No Penalties

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Aivar for five, Attam (pronounced Aatam) for play; the film's plot revolves around football with a twist - five players per team instead of eleven, and three penalties instead of five. From the get-go, the flick does not lose focus and dribbles right onto the playing field. The director has ensured a beautiful mix of play and passion, with back stories wherever necessary. The music and background score are worth a mention, and don't irritate the eardrums.

With the opening credits, we are introduced to the history of football in India, especially Tamil Nadu, and brought up to speed on how it all began and led to the sport being played even today. This is one of the few movies where there is simply no single protagonist. Everyone plays their part well, and nothing seems out of place. The cast isn't star-studded, and it only earns the flick extra brownie points. The romance is cute and the football is pure. The trailer might lead you to think it's just a remake of Chak De! India, except with football instead of hockey, and that's exactly the kind of misdirection this film employs to further grab your attention.

The film hits intermission in exactly 45 minutes. That's surely a record of some kind. The film is 108 minutes long, and doesn't feel a second longer than that, including the penalties. The plot revolves around the friction between the junior and senior teams of Sivagangai Football Club or SFC. The captains of both teams are brothers, and sibling rivalry is no surprise. What's more interesting is, the coaches of either teams are also brothers. One, who exiles himself away from his hometown because he married the girl of his dreams against the family's wishes; and the other, who will go to any lengths to make sure the senior SFC team gets to keep the championship trophy for the third year in a row. The rest of the story revolves around how football creates and absolves friction between individuals.

The football matches featured in the film do not look choreographed in the slightest. It looks more like they let a group of kids play and didn't really tell them about all the cameras that were recording the match.

Aivarattam is the underdog you can bet on.

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