Alex Pandian

Alex Pandian

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Directed by : Suraj

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  • Critics Rating 2.2/5
  • MJ Rating 1.2/5
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“Alex Pandian is a commercial potboiler which disappoints due to its aimless direction and bad writing. Skip it.”

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Alex Pandian is a Perarasu Film on Horse Tranquilizer

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Rated 1.0 / 5
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Alex Pandian is a hopelessly hollow film with a very poor script. It is set in an alternate world where doctors from Rayalaseema and puny NRI thugs wearing long overcoats hold a Chief Minister of a State to ransom; where the laws of Physics don't apply; where the cops are nowhere in sight; where women are only meant to flash their cleavage; where jokes about men injuring their privates are still considered funny; where 6 dozen hitmen with automatics cannot shoot two people running 10 feet away from them.

There's a long subplot about a member of a political party switching sides, and his subsequent killing. One could completely take away that part and it wouldn't make a difference. Honestly speaking, I am too embarrassed to even summarize this movie. It has something to do with kidnapping a Chief Minister's daughter so he would authorize the sale of some paracetamols. What, what? How long will it take the CM to reverse that action? He's the CM for chrissake!

The only thing that's decent about this film is Santhanam. Occupying more screen time than the lead actress even, it is only his presence that's an aspect worth discussing. The comedy track about a person fearing for his wife or sister when an attractive man enters the household has been done to death. The situations are undeniably lame and predictable. But I admit I laughed many a times at some of Santhanam's pun-heavy punch dialogues. I bet he wrote them himself. His contribution hardly saves the film, but does make the first half very bearable.

Without an ounce of snobbery, I believe it is time we said our goodbyes to movies like these and filmmakers like Suraaj and Perarasu. How long are we going to suffer through this Tata Sumo-Aruva-Kambu-Katthi-Kabada routine? The film's supporting cast is stacked. Suman, Milind Soman, Prathap Pothen, Vaiyapuri, Santhana Bharathi, Visu, Saravanan, Manobala.. the problem is there are too many unnecessary characters. And to my eyes, Santhanam's character is the protagonist and everything around him is garbage.

I didn't expect greatness from Alex Pandian. It is as unpretentious as it can be and pretty clear about what it is aspiring to achieve. It is aimed at people who never expect to take back anything from a movie. It is aimed at people who are willing to spend 164 minutes watching a movie where nothing, with the exception of five one liners, works. It is aimed at people who live in Andhra Pradesh and/or watch Telugu movies like it's nobody's business. What makes me furious is how it takes them for granted and disrespectfully passes something so logically stunted as entertainment.

Paying to watch Alex Pandian, even after reading reviews, is only advisable to those people who like to pull their nails out for fun. Do not let the marketing blitzkrieg fool you.