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3.5 418 Ratings

Directed by : Jeeva Shankar

Release Date : | Length : 148 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.2/5
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Amarakaaviyam is a romance-drama movie directed by Jeeva Shankar and stars Arya in the lead role


“Amarakaaviyam may go overboard with melodrama but, the stunning cinematography, Ghilbran's amazing music and Mia George's captivating performance makes it a worthwhile watch!”

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Slightly Epical.

Rated 3.5 / 5
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Amara Kaaviyam truly stands out as a musical love story. The film does justice to both, music and love, and also Jeeva Shankar's vision hopefully.

Gautham Menon's actors wear a bracelet, remember Kamal Haasan's from the film Sathya, Jeeva (Sathya) in Amara Kaaviyam too is a Kamal Haasan fan. Ever on the edge, but a clean-hearted guy who falls in love with a girl his friend falls for. Karthika (Mia George) in one sentence sums up her character - wanting to be nice to everybody. Adolescence is a general mischief and love is usually the culprit parents point at. True in most cases. So, how far can lovers go? A spurned lover can go to any extent, Amara Kaaviyam, emphasizes this very theory.

Sathya's savior is Mia George, if she had let him down anywhere, he'd have suffered like a fish out of water. Mia George's performance somehow makes it up for Sathya's stoical bewilderment. But he can't depend on his co-star for his films henceforth, he should act, really.

Jeeva Shankar wins as a writer-director and a cinematographer painting Ooty as the epitome of romance. Visuals lend an abysmal tentativeness of a burgeoning relationship. Ghibran's music is a character that walks on its own legs, brilliantly settling in this lovable crib, a sure delicacy for the audience.

I'm keeping a watch on Jeeva Shankar's next. It's going to be good.

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