Ambuli 3D

Ambuli 3D

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Directed by : Hari Shankar , Hareesh Narayan

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  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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The story revolves around Sir Arthur Wellington College, a cornfield and the Poomadandhipuram village. Its about a folklore which haunts the people of Poomadandhipuram, and two youngsters (Amudhan and Vendhan) who yearn to discover the truth behind the tales told to them to invoke fear and set out to put an end to it all and ...more

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R. Parthiban

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Ambuli 3D Audience Review

Some thrills and chills amidst numerous pitfalls.

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Rated 1.5 / 5
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This is supposed to be the first direct 3D film in Tamil. To choose to make a thriller in 3D must have been quite exciting on paper. The thought of setting the premise in a village would have made it more innovative. That they have not been fully successful is the bitter truth.

Two students (Ajay and Sreejith) setting out to unravel the mystery surrounding their village folklore is the main theme of the film. The village is haunted by an uknown creature that feeds on people crossing the corn field during the night. While the popular belief is that it is Ambuli that is causing havoc, a few question its existence as nobody in the village has actually seen it. The two inquisitive boys start researching on Ambuli and find out startling truths about its origin. There is a bunch of people who knows the truth that includes Sengodan (Parthiban) who unofficially guards the fields and an aged mid wife (Kalairani) who delivered Ambuli. While the boys are discovering the truth on one side, the villagers, who were meek till then, decide to fight the demon out as well. The final showdown results in the taming of Ambuli. The film ends with the possibility of a sequel.

This is not a film that requires great histrionics. The new main leads seem to have understood this pretty well and give very average performances. While the boys are slightly better, the girls, who dont have much scope, are pathetic. The film is set in the 70s for no reason and hence the leads are given a clichd retro styling (especially, the heroine, Sanam). Parthiban, in a special role, does not add any major value. While the other supporting cast that includes Kalairani, Jagan, Bala Singh, Thambi Ramaiah and Uma Riyaz mechanically do what is required of them. Gokulnath of Maanada Mayilaada fame plays Ambuli which is revealed during the end credits.

The biggest spoiler is the 3D bit. They have just not got it right. Over the top, bad quality 3D technology becomes very silly after a point and if you want to not use the glasses for some relief, the images are appear completely distorted to the naked eye. You are forced to have them on. Guys! Please go watch TinTin. Cinematography and music are below average. Art direction is amateurish. Stunts are very juvenile. The climax fight between Parthiban and Ambuli is very hard to comprehend.

The only saving grace is the decent screenplay that moves the story forward without too many jerks and which is what makes the film somewhat watchable.