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Ammavin Kaipesi

Ammavin Kaipesi

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Directed by : Thangar Bachan

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Highlighting the advantages of mobile phones, this movie revolves around a mother who is separated from her children and grows close to them with the help of the mobile.

Ammavin Kaipesi Credit & Casting

Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj


Ammavin Kaipesi Audience Review

High on sentiment, low on value

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Thangar Bachchan's “Ammavin Kaipesi”, based on a novel of the same written by the director himself, is a tale high on sentiment. Although, most of the film is about the distancing relationship of an old mother with her children, the crux of the film depends on the fact that technology may be a boon to most us, but unfortunately it's also bane in some contexts of life.

The story revolves around an aging mother and her nine children. For some reason, the old lady is kept away from the family, and, thus spends most of her life in solitude. In her desperate attempt to keep herself connected with the family, the old lady uses a mobile phone in her possession as the only medium of communication. But, will she able to stay connected with her family forever or not forms the rest of the story?

Most part of the story progresses at a pace you and I won't appreciate. And watching a film with no item numbers or fights or punch dialogues, is considered highly impossible task for audiences these days because they're so used to watching commercial masala film. Thangar Bachchan is known for making films that are high on sentiment and most of the times make the audience cry. Although, “Ammavin Kaipesi”, doesn't make one cry, but it definitely presents several moments that will make you think.

The performances are, if not brilliant, but definitely satisfying and natural in most scenes. Having seen these actors perform in the film, it's evident that the director didn't force them to act, but has left them to act on their own. Shantanoo, who hasn't had a bevy of successful films, presents moments that showcase his potential as an actor. Iniya, who plays the female lead, was not quite up to the expectations when you compare her role with performances from her past films.

Technology helps us be connected with our near and dear ones, but doesn't it also distance ourselves from our family and friends physically, form the crux of the film. Different elucidations can be drawn from the film based on each one's understanding. Watch the film to see how much can you understand and how differently.

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