Anjaan (Sikander)

Anjaan (Sikander)

3.4 4,352 Ratings

Directed by : N Linguswamy

Release Date : | Length : 171 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.4/5
  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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“Splendid cinematography, mind blowing action and an awesome BGM's score makes Anjaan go off with a bang! Aside from a slow second half, Lingusamy and Suriya deliver a perfect mass entertainer. ”

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Anjaan (Sikander) Audience Review

An Overly Hyped Disappointment

| by Sowmya |
Rated 2.5 / 5
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So after of expectations and waiting comes Anjaan, which given the amount of pre-release buzz managed to capture the attention of every possible tamil speaking / understanding person ever present. Halfway through the movie, the expectations died for there was nothing more to watch out for.

The movie had some grand moments. But there were some details that grabbed attention, but didn't get the time it deserved. For starters what's the significance of the whole coin spinning act? Or how did the Raju - Chandru bromance happen? Or how in heaven's name did Raju/Krishna get hold of Chandru's laptop? Or why a toothpick from all the in-your-mouth pieces available?

Samantha, like any other poor heroine stuck in an A-list movie; sings, does the romance part and in the end gets kidnapped and leads the way for the final showdown.(which in my case is an improvement as many heroine tend to disappear halfway through the movie)

Vidyut Jamwal's Chandru had my sympathies and attention (probably even love) the second he stepped into the screen. He emoted with perfection had made sure he had the attention in his frames. He is surely an actor to watch out for.

The movie looked like a series of different story-frames patched together in a hurry. One moment Raju/Krishna is beating up the goons the next moment we have a flashback bromance or romance. How can you hold your suspense (if any) if they keep shifting frames?

Lingusamy tries a Bashaa in Suriya style, with a more revenge-y feel to it , but goes wary in his execution. Santhos Sivan's cinematography and Yuvan's BGM deserve a mention. They held together on their own and often shone more than the scene.

Lastly, Suriya handles his role and shoulders the movie like the pro he is. But that was already expected from a star of his calibre. Suriya is one of the good actors in Tamil Industry who is chameleonic. He also has enough star power and trust from directors who can bank a solid script with a challenging role on him.

Its really disappointing to see that stars of late prefer taking the route that got them their stardom over and over. Sure, stardom is good, but when you can be par excellence, it tends to let viewers down.

Anjaan could have been a great masala entertainer. But in spite of going Bang Bang Bang, it went with just a pop.

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