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Anjaan (Sikander)

Anjaan (Sikander)

3.4 4,753 Ratings

Directed by : N Linguswamy

Release Date : | Length : 171 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Anjaan (Sikander) is an action movie directed by N Linguswamy and stars Suriya in the lead role


“Splendid cinematography, mind blowing action and an awesome BGM's score makes Anjaan go off with a bang! Aside from a slow second half, Lingusamy and Suriya deliver a perfect mass entertainer. ”

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Bang bang bang, a mass entertainer can be enjoyed!!!

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Anjaan, the mass entertainer produced by Tirupathi Brothers & UTV Motion Pictures runs more then 2 and half hours. The movie starts with Krishna (Suriya) from Kanyakumari goes to Mumbai to search his missing gangster brother Raju Bhai (Suriya). When he meet Karim Bhai, the story gets into flashback mode to show the life of Raju and his partner in crime and best friend Chandru (Vidyut Jamwal), both are climbing the ladder in the underworld of Mumbai city very rapidly. While city commissioner's daughter Jeeva (Samantha) falls for Raju Bhai, a typical love story of Tamil cinema.

Story further goes on when the gangster friend's been killed by Mumbai's biggest don Imran Bhai (Manoj Bajpaee) with help of the guys around Raju Bhai. When the story gets back to normal mode, the villains wanna kill Krishna too, there comes the biggest twist. Yes, biggest twist of all!! I am not going to revel it, watch it in theatres. Second half runs where the lead of the story kills all the villains and wins finally, a typical revenge climax seen many times. After a racy and cool first half, the movie drags in the second half with more songs as the speed breakers.

Suriya, he leads the movie on his shoulders. He is a pretty good performer who can score even in mass movies and proved it again. Definitely, a treat for all Suriya fans. Samantha, the lead lady is cute and doesn't have much to do other than songs and couple of scenes but, Samantha rocks the theatre with teenage fans. If you are one among them then, you can enjoy her hot sizzling bikini walk in a song. Guys, she walks for 2 to 3 seconds only, so don't miss it!! And chemistry between the lead pairs clicked well, which usually happens in all Suriya movies. All other characters did well, nothing worth to be mentioned though. Let's see the crew of the movie.

Cameraman, Santosh Sivan has again created his magic behind the camera. This man proves again and again that he knows how to score in action mass movies, fantastic work. Rajeevan's art work has to be mentioned because with cast like Suriya and Samantha, you can't get to work in streets easily, this man made more effort to get the streets of Mumbai looks real. Music Director, Yuvan Shankar Raja always given excellent BGM's in mass movies, he stands out with his BGM in Anjaan too. Especially the title card track is worth to be noticed. Songs are enjoyable too. Director, N.Linguswamy's story is pretty old but his direction is straight to the point, Entertainment and he achieves it with a bang!!! Anjaan - Bang bang bang, a mass entertainer can be enjoyed!!!

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