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Directed by : Thangam Saravanan

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Anjala is an Tamil film directed by Thangam Saravanan and produced by Dhilip Subbarayan. Vimal and Nandita feature in the leading roles, while Gopi Sunder composes the film's music


“Anjala falls under the category of the tried and tested village masala films”

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A good script, went bad in narrative.

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Anjala is about an 100 year old tea shop, which is in danger now due to urbanisation. There is a thin line between modernisation and preserving cultural values and this film tries to explore that line and raises valid questions whether we are compromising on the cultural aspects of our country and trading in modernisation. Anjala is a tea shop, which is in danger now due widening of the road and how this would be saved forms the crux of the story, with some useless comedy and songs, which mars the narration at times leading to some artificially staged scenes that look like a mega serial.

There is a mix of emotions, comedy and romance but some scenes test our patience, especially the love portions. Pasupathi has given a neat performance, which is quite expected from a seasoned actor like him. Other characterisations are quite poor when compared to Pasupathi's. Narration takes a major beating in the 2nd half and when you think its all going to end, it starts again and the climax drags.

Music was pretty ok. Cinematography as decent and editing could have been better. Apart from pasupathi, other performances was pretty average and this could have been better. Anjala will definitely remind you of one such spot in your life, where you would have build some memories and while watching the movie, you secretly expect that this experience gets better but it all gets haywire at some point, and you feel, your life was better, thank god. All you remember is pasupathi and that neatly narrated flashback, while you step out of the theatre. Anjala, ends up as an average film, which had all the scope to be an amazing film.

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