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Appa is an Indian Tamil drama film written, produced and directed by Samuthirakani.

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Appa Review-Over the top, preachy movie!

Rated 2.0 / 5

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In schools, we don't like strict teachers and score good marks only in subjects, which are taught in friendly ambience and in simple manner. Similarly filmmaking is an art and while conveying message, the director should ensure that the message should be conveyed in subtle manner. But Samuthirakani keep shouting throughout Appa and his music composer Ilaiyaraaja is also in great sync with our director and hero. For the first time, I felt that Ilaiyaraaja's background score as terrible, thanks to Samuthirakani's Appa.

As I'm ranting in the review, Appa isn't a bad film. Actually, Appa can be embraced if you don't consider filmmaking nuances and overlook all the flaws in the execution. The director has successfully conveyed the message but his filmmaking style might not be liked by everyone as it is over the top and preachy.

Appa (meaning dad in English) and as the title suggests, the film stands novel as it dealt about dad's contribution in shaping up kid's life.Yes, the film has got a novel concept but the execution spoils the show . At least, the first half of the film has few comic moments with the Mayilvaganam's character but the second half is totally dry that one can't sit through.

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