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Appuchi Graamam

Appuchi Graamam

2.9 417 Ratings

Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Appuchi Graamam is a family-drama directed by Vi Anand and stars Ganja Karuppu in the lead role


“This small-budget yet satisfying film combines sci-fi and drama beautifully. Innovative screenplay,good graphics and stunning cinematography makes Appuchi Graamam an interesting thriller. Go for it!”

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Ganja Karuppu


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Appuchi Graamam Audience Review

Comical Sci-fi, stands unique!!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Appuchi Graamam, directed by debutant V Anand and has lots of new faces playing prominent roles along with lights of Nasser, Singam Puli and Ganja Karuppu playing some vital roles. V Anand should be appreciated of his bold attempt in his very first film. Sci-fi movies are rare in Tamil Cinema and portraying it with some humour is an excellent job done for a debutant.

The film starts with various characters in Appuchi Village near Coimbatore. There were romance, comedy, fight and whole some entertainment in the village. Mean while, scientist from ISRO predicts that there is a Meteor which about to hit Tamil Nadu and doesn't know the place it's going to hit. All they know is if it hits any place it causes very bad damage. Later on few pieces of Meteor hits Appuchi village first and this lets people of the village to believe that their life going to end soon. After knowing about Meteor going to hit their village soon, Appuchi village people's decision and the result of it sums up the climax.

Around this unique sci-fi story line, Appuchi Graamam joins the list of rare gem in Tamil cinema. BGM during the climax stands out and the lead at the end is interesting. Debutant V Anand finds himself a strong base in the industry. But one and only drawback of the film is its pace. The film is pretty slow and takes its own time to get into the business mode. But considering the financial aspect of the film, it's a job done well. Overall, Appuchi Graamam is a unique comical sci-fi which can be watched once..!!!

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