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3.4 2,209 Ratings

Directed by : Sundar C

Release Date : | Length : 156 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Aranmanai is a thriller movie directed by Sundar C and stars Hansika Motwani in the lead role


“Aranmanai relies solely on its capable cast for survival and manages to garner a few weak laughs and scares. For those terrified of the horror genre, this movie is a safe bet. ”

Aranmanai Credit & Casting

Hansika Motwani

Aranmanai Audience Review

A spectacle of snigger than shiver

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Ghouls and ghosts, spirits and sprites, in these age of Internet and mobile? Well, with film-makers hard put to find meaty subjects to regale audiences, they conveniently fall back upon this archaic formula.

To that extent C Sundar, a shrewd hand at reading the pulse of his audiences, ensures his

Aranmanai, provides them with paisa vasool.

Not that Aranmanai is a thorough-bred engaging, ensemble entertainer one would love to sit and savour the time spent at the theatres.

Peopled with one too many players, and in his efforts to ensure each and every one get their due, Sundar simply cooks a kichidi which, rather being sweet and savoury, also tastes sour and stale, and that is this palace intrigue's undoing.

Dark moonlight nights, mirrors that reflect the unknown, and a virgin child speaking to an invisible sister Selvi, and playing with her, only provide the atmospherics. Nothing more, nothing less.

For, even as the entire clan of the palatial palace, their retinues, shiver and stumble at the goings on that claims one life after another, you as a spectator only snigger, than be spooked and shocked to your bones.

While the banshee is playing the mind games with the brothers and the betrothed, comics and cupid lovers, Sundar's Aranmanai, which is nearly 160 minutes, simply saps all your energies and instead of an afternoon of unmitigated entertainment, all you do is sit and suffer through its nearly three hour tripe.

Sick, crony, bawdy and below the belt PJs of Santanam, Kovai Sarla & Co., instead of evocking the guffaws only makes you grin and grind your teeth.

Where is the need to provide comic relief from the supposedly frightening happenings whose purpose is to send the fear of devil in you and a much more nuanced and stylised rendition of the genre would have done the job.

Mind you, the acting of the entire cast hits the pits, while the film per se, does not fall flat entirely despite all its faults. Why so?

Well, for one, Bharathwaj's lilting score, though the lyrics are much to be desired, provides a soothing relief to the ears. Also when not snaking in and out of the byzantine stretches of the spooked palace, U K Senthil Kumar's cinematography that captures the pristine and vibrant hues of the village side is a feast for sore eyes. Likewise, Laxmi Rai, makes for a pleasant presence with her oodles of oomph and selective skin show.

Indeed this palace is an intrigue, for, instead of its heir apparents reigning over it peacefully, have a spirite out on a bloody vengeance for a wrong done.

Suffice to say, Aranmanai is for those who wish the beat the heat of the noon and young lovebirds wanting to whisper sweet nothings to one another in the darkened privacy of the theatres than those wanting some engaging and entertaining time. May be Sundar's avowed followers could troop in to see whether his Aranmanai passes muster or it's a missed chance for him to bowl them over.

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