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Chandi Veeran

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Chandi Veeran is an Tamil drama film directed by A. Sarkunam and produced by director Bala. The film features Atharvaa and Anandhi in the lead roles.


“Chandi Veeran can be given a watch for highlighting a major social issue.”

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    A rural subject with a global message

    Rated 3.0 / 5
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    Two reasons to watch this film, Atharva and Director Bala. Atharva is a very promising artiste and you wont get Bala's support if the film had no value. Though the film had not bombarded the online space with ads, the turnout today at the theatre was pretty decent. That's mainly because of the 'Bala' factor.

    Now, the plot of Chandi Veeran. It started off like a regular rural romance subject where the hero would woo his childhood darling in all cute ways possible. Though it looks cliched, you never get bored of such childish hero-chasing-heroine romance stories. On the other hand, there is tension building up between two neighbouring villages upon a common fresh water pond. The hero comes into picture and how he solves the issue is the rest of the story.

    I really like the underlying idea of Chandi Veeran, that's based on water problem in the world. There are still a lot of people who don't have access to fresh drinking water. I liked the way the director weaved the screenplay around this delicate issue, without making it very preachy or boring. Though there is a predictable feeling throughout, the film races its way, thanks to the runtime that is less than 2 hours. Music was very good. Forget the songs, but i liked the BGM, which gave an emotional connect with the actors on screen. Cinematography was good and vibrant. The drone shots were really good. Editing, as i said earlier, was perfect. Cuts at the right places and the scene continuity was maintained.

    Performances wise, all the actors did a good job. Atharva did look a bit odd in the beginning few minutes in this rural role, but he pulled it off quite well. His body language and dialogue delivery was in perfect sync as a villager. Anandi was cute and that's all about her role. Lal was good in his role with some negative shades. His role reminds you of Sathyaraj in Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam.

    Chandi Veeran is a decent film with a social message. The message is not preachy nor its connects with the audience as expected. But you get the point. Though it looks predictable like other village based movies and has some logical issues, there is something fresh in Chandi Veeran. Give it a shot.

    P.S. There are a few scenes that uses technology to its fullest. Do we get signal in a remote village that supports video calling?