Chikkiku Chikkikichu

Chikkiku Chikkikichu

2.9 84 Ratings

Directed by : N. Rajeshkumar

Release Date :

  • MJ Rating 1.2/5
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Chikkiku Chikkikichu is a romantic comedy film starring Mitun in the lead role.


“Would have been better if this film didn't exist.”

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A tormenting debutant effort from N Rajakrishnan!

Rated 1.0 / 5

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With a done and dusted plot like boy-meets-girl-on-a-train, falls-in-love, and has only the journey time left to impress her fo fall for the protagonist, the making and execution in addition to the storytelling needed to be really topnotch to make the story at least mildly passable. However, director N Rajakrishnan he overlooks all the important elements needed to make this work and comfortably fails in his debut effort.

The movie is a must-miss on the big screen. Wait, it is not even worth watching it on your 15-inch sized laptop. If you want to get an exhaustive movie-watching experience or want to take revenge on a friend, this should be your go-to choice this week.