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Charles Shaffiq Karthiga (CSK)

Charles Shaffiq Karthiga (CSK)

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The movie has Sharankumar, Narayan, Vimal, Mishal, Jai Quehaeni in the main cast with direction by S.Sathiyamoorthy.

Charles Shaffiq Karthiga (CSK) Audience Review

Charles Shaffiq Karthiga Movie review

Rated 3.0 / 5
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CSK, Charles Shafiq Karthika is no where related to cricket or Chennai super kings, though the hero is a good cricket player and wants to play for CSK but there ends the connection. CSK is yet another thriller film, which is fairly well executed and equally backed up with some neat performances.

There will that one day, that will completely change your life. And you will never forget that day. These are the lines from the trailer and they sound so true. Suppose you are good looking girl, and there is this lover boy who wants you to accept his proposal. There is this another guy, whom you are giving your unexpected helping hand in smuggling something valuable. In addition, you witness a murder in your office and two other guys are after you to put you in a grave. Where would you run? 4 guys chasing you, some trying to help and some trying to kill you. All you can do is to stand up for yourself and face it with courage. That's what exactly Karthika does and CSK is her story. All this happens in a single day.

I really liked the characterisation of the female protagonist, Karthika. She looks like a damsel in distress but has enough courage to fight and save her life and doesn't wait for her boyfriend to rescue her. It's good to see such heroine centric films at least once in a year. The film starts very well but loses pace every now and then. The writing makes you feel for the characters but doesn't give you a chance to get involved into the movie. The screenplay has its flaws but it has to be appreciated for providing something different to the audience. These little flaws took the interest out of the film in few portions. Otherwise, a decent story and screenplay.

Cinematography by Sreesaravan was excellent, especially in the songs. He knows what he is doing and the camera angles, framing, panning were all pretty impressive. Editing by Soundar Raja could have been better. The cuts didn't help to maintain the thrill going. Though the runtime is around 2 hours, the film seems lagging in few portions. Music was good, especially the BGM gave life to few scenes.

Performances by Jai Quehaeni, who played Karthika was brilliant. She played the perfect emotionally strong female lead. Other characters who played Charles and Shafiq were decent but took a backseat in front of Karthika's character.

CSK is a pretty decent thriller that has its share of flaws and lagging moments, but can definitely give it a try for its honest attempt to provide something different to the audience other than mass masala films. A few writing issues like Karthika's easy narrow escapes, Shafiq's entire story and the hero takes an eternity to realise that his girlfriend is in danger are a few examples where a bit of tweaking in the screenplay could have made the film more gripping. Its thrilling in bits and pieces but not an edge of the seat movie.

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