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3.4 1,329 Ratings

Directed by : Raja Murugan

Release Date : | Length : 30 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.5/5
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Cuckoo is a drama movie directed by Raja Murugan and stars Dinesh in the lead role


“Cuckoo will be remembered as one of the best films in Tamil cinema in the recent years. It has got brilliant screenplay and top-notch performances by the lead cast. Recommended”

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Love is 'NOT' blind

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I would compare Cuckoo with Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Koshish for the simple fact that both the films beam with positive energy. Both the films feature differently abled characters in the lead but never give us the opportunity to sympathize for them. This is precisely why these two films, irrespective of the languages they are made in, are uniquely brilliant. Intelligently written, extremely well acted and sensibly executed with much needed commercial touch, Cuckoo is an endearing story of love and hope.

Tamizh and Sudhanthirakodi are blind by sight but united by love. Just like all of us, Tamizh and Kodi fall in love, spend days, minutes and seconds with each other. What differentiates them from us, besides the fact that they can't see, is that they feel and realize their love for each other using only four senses. But there are forces that conspire to separate them for personal reasons.

Instead of making a highly melodramatic and emotional love story, debutant Raju Murugan presents us a story that inspires us with strong-willed characters. Pushing us into the world heard, smelt and felt by two blind characters, the film is a whiff of fresh air in Tamil industry, populated with mindless commercial entertainers that seldom actually entertain.

Mostly endearing and occasionally sad, Cuckoo is laced with humour at the right junctures, ensuring entertainment is guaranteed throughout. Characters such as the dupes of MGR, Vijay and Ajith, who share the same platform as artists, but not as superstars, free us from the shackles of hero-worshipping. The film works majorly because of perfect casting featuring a host of unfamiliar faces who plays their respective roles with ease.

Raju has a knack for narrating a heartwarming story with a pinch of realism and higher dose of humour. He ensures that we are not deviated from the world of these differently abled characters. He shows us their little joys, the jokes at which they laugh, moments of sorrow and the mindset with which they see the world through the blind eyes.

Dinesh deserves a standing ovation for his unmatchable performance. He reminded me of Kamal Haasan from Guna and Moondram Pirai in a few scenes. You might find scenes where you may feel he overacted but it really doesn't matter because he's mostly brilliant. Malavika was equally and shines in a role very few heroines would play in their debut. They are aptly backed by a strong supporting cast and Santosh's soothing music.

Cuckoo is Tamil industry's baby step towards alternate cinema, which needs to be embraced for better films to come our way.

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