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Damaal Dumeel

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Damaal Dumeel is a thriller comedy that has Vaibhav and Remya Nambessan featuring in the lead roles. Veteran actor Kota Srinivasa Rao is making his comeback with this film after a long time.


“Damaal Dumeel is a comedy thriller with an engaging screenplay. Vaibhav's performance and SS Thaman's background are the major highlights in the film. Recommended.”

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Damaal Dumeel is a worthy entrant to the noir comedy space in Tamil cinema

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Inspired by the recent success of noir comedies such as Neram, Soodhu Kavvum and Moodar Koodam, comes Damaal Dumeel, an interestingly titled, crisp film which runs for just under two hours. Oh, what a relief to have a 2 hour movie which doesn't drag one bit and eschews needless elements.

Just after being kicked out of his job, a young IT professional named 'Moneykandan' (for numerology's sake) chances upon a bag having crores of money. A group of kids playing cricket in his apartment are the reason why he lands up with the money. (Watch the movie to find out how). Thanks to his desperation and being a typical opportunist, Money takes up the money (cash) and inadvertently sets in motion a series of crimes at his apartment and also instigates bitter animosity between two groups of gangsters.

The film works well due to its grip, the inherent comedy in it and also due to the presence of proven comedic actors like Kota Srinivasa Rao, who can act funny even in the meanest roles. Vaibhav Reddy is adequate and shows the required intensity and body language. The movie features a plethora of other supporting characters, mostly playing goons, and most of them are required to play the fool and bring out some laughs, which they do.

Ramya Nambeesan is a misfit as Vaibhav's girlfriend and in fact looks like his elder sister. She is better off singing in that really sexy voice that she has. Towards the end, when she starts preaching and advising Vaibhav on how to live and how not to be so obsessed with money, you may start yawning. The movie could have done away with this 'goody goody' ending.

Thaman is the other big pillar for the movie with his kickass BGM score which combines dub-step, rock music and also has some neatly woven montage songs which don't act as a major speed breaker.

We also have TV visuals from movies like Mankatha, Thuppakki and later Muthu, running in the background, and they are apt for the movie's situation. The masses are bound to be excited seeing footage of Ajith, Vijay and Rajini in a movie which doesn't have any star value otherwise. Smart move by the director Shree to entertain the layman who may choose to come and see his movie by chance.

Though the title is justified in the end sequence, it is taking things a bit too far. Anyway go to the movie with minimal expectations and you are bound to have a pretty good time.

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