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Darling 2

Darling 2

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Darling 2 is a 2016 Tamil horror film directed by debutant Sathish Chandrasekaran


“Darling 2 is not as effective as the first part!”

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Darling 2 Review- One time watchable horror film

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Darling 2 is definitely not an entertaining movie but it somehow manages to hold our attention by the eerie sound design and glossy cinematography. Of course, there is a twist in the climax and it adds novel to touch to the film.

But the above said factors alone can't make a good film, even a bad story needs actors who can perform. I thought Madras Kalaiarasan is a natural actor and he could pull off any role with ease but Darling 2 proves that the actor can perform only in good director's film. In other words Darling 2's director Sathish Chandrasekaran couldn't get the best from Kalaiarasan but the surprise element in the film is Hari Krishnan (Johnny in Madras), who plays the stammering friend of Kalai, this time too he evokes good laughter with his performance.

Kaali Venkat too has done his part well while the rest of the actors including Mundasuppati Munishkanth is just adequate. If Darling 2 has become watchable, the director must only thank his cinematographer and sound designer, there are the pillars of the movie.

So my word for you guys is that Darling 2 is not an engaging watch but it's not a film to be trashed as well. If you are free, can watch once!

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