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Deiva Thirumagal

Deiva Thirumagal

4.0 541 Ratings

Directed by : A. L. Vijay

Release Date : | Length : 166 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.3/5
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Krishna (Vikram) is a grownup man, but possesses a mental maturity of a five year old kid. Anushka plays an advocate while Amala Paul will play the role of Vikrams wife.

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Deivathirumagal An honoured lift off from I am

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Indian directors in general have the tendency to get inspired from various foreign movies, predominantly from Hollywood. This time around Director A.L.Vijay and Vikram have felt the need to get inspired from another Oscar Winning flick - 'I am Sam'. I would say that this phenomenon is analogous with seeing the glass half empty or half full. Conceding the fact that these kind of rip-offs hamper the creativity of our directors, it also puts forth a couple of critical questions - who would have the guts to take the road less travelled in this placid world of Tamil cinema and who would like to tell such beautiful tales to the Tamil audiences who hardly manage to get any value for their money these days from their "king-size" priced movie tickets? Well, I am Sam is such a tale, and Vikram and A.L. Vijay deserve a pat on their back for ripping it off as Deivathirumagal!

I made it a point to watch I am Sam before watching this one, as it would allow me to write a genuine review than to just get carried away by the way this movie was taken. For those who have seen I am Sam, I would say that there is still a ton left to relish in this one.

Vikram, he would have had litres of saliva in his mouth when he was offered this role; such a meaty role which was done so convincingly as always (but I should say Sean Penn in the original was far superior and wins hands down!).

Baby Sarah, the axil on which the movie rotates. It is amazing to see so many expressions on her tender face. She definitely outperforms her counterpart, Dakota Fanning, who acted in the original.

Anushka, well, I was able to see some disappointed faces in the theatre, as she appeared well dressed and completely covered. Of course bad news for Anushka fans. As far as acting is concerned, she has managed to pull it off this time.

Santhaanam, is a revelation to watch out for. Definitely he is coming of age and is adding some serious and emotional expressions to his quaint gallery.

Amala Paul, a decent role which demanded a subdued performance; she manages to underplay her character with limited expressions.

Nasser, plays the role of a nerdy and cunning lawyer who manages to take the brunt of the audience. The legend just blows this one away with his cool act.

Other characters in the movie are casted aptly and help in the proceedings. Surprisingly, the flash back scenes without Santhaanam, were equally hilarious and was completely orchestrated by Vikram and M.S. Bhaskar.

Music is just about ok. 2 numbers were appealing. One of the songs in the second half could have been avoided, but I am sure such commercial compromises would surface with such star value.

Overall this movie is targeted at all centres, keeping the family audiences in mind. After watching the movie, I was so convinced that it is as good as its original Hollywood counterpart with a more practical climax with and 'Hit' written all over it!!

Verdict: Rip offs are welcome, if done like Deivathirumagal!

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